Only Today: Great Hardware Deals in Amazon United States (updated)

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updating: The GeForce GTX 980 version of the K | ingp | n Decreased to approximately NIS 516, including taxes and shipping to Israel - which is approximately NIS 2,000.

Original Article: Google Video Cards And several drives In different volumes are sold at prices As part of the retail giant Deal of the Day

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It is not always profitable to purchase hardware components abroad, and it is not always profitable to purchase them through its online services - but today is probably an exceptional case, when a number of different components are available at prices Are definitely low in the American version of the store. Note that all of these offers will only be available until 10: 00 tomorrow, Tuesday the 21 in June.

Toshiba SSD-OCZ Drive The latest TR150 sample is 960GB Available as 242 dollars only, including taxes and direct delivery to Israel - 940 NIS As always, be careful to choose in advance to transfer your credit card currency to US dollars in order to avoid multiplying the currency conversion fees which will increase the cost by several tens of shekels And the Trion 150, a pre-TR150 model but almost identical to it, 480GB volume Available at a discount of about $ 135.

Also SSD220 SSD480 SSD drive with XNUMXGB volume Available for price Of $ 131 only including shipping (approximately 510), although this model is considered less recommended due to the use of the disappointing SM2256 controller .


Those who prefer video cards will be able to purchase The SuperClocked ACX 2.0 model of the GeForce GTX 960 from EVGA, With 4GB of GDDR5 memory, at a cost of about $ 227 including tax and shipping to Israel - as 880 NIS, and those who are interested in a more exotic model will be able to purchase The K | ngp | n version of the GeForce GTX 980 From home At a total cost of about 610 USD, which is about NIS 2,360.


Two Modules of DDR3NMX / 4MT / s Memory of the Micron Crucial Brand, With a total volume of 16GB (two 8GB modules each) are sold at a total price of 60 USD only, including taxes and shipping to Israel, which are approximately NIS 235.

Dessert, Seagate desktop hard drive in 3.5 configuration and total 5 terabyte, With 7,200RPM rotation speed and volume A quick 128MB cache is offered at a total price of about $ 212 including shipping and taxes - approximately 820 NIS, which is a significant reduction compared to the costs in Israel for drives with similar characteristics.