Offer: 50% discount to IDF for HWzone surfers • HWzone

Offer: 50% discount to IDF for HWzone surfers

The Intel Developer Forum (IDF) event will also take place in Israel for the second consecutive year.
What is IDF? read more Here on our site.

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Want to be on the 30 per month in the Israeli IDF? HWzone, in cooperation with Intel Israel, is organizing a huge conference call for you.
All you have to do is enter into Our operations section And register for the event.

In order to enter our operations corner, you must be registered with our system, and you can register by clicking here. Arriving at the Operations section is through the top menu on our main page, where you can click the

At IDF events The future development directions in the Company's main operating segments. The main topics to be addressed by the conference that will be held in Israel this year will be multi-core, the new architecture of And mobility.
The conference will present the latest innovations of , Accompanied by live demonstrations in the main lectures on a variety of platforms, in addition to many tracks on various subjects later in the day.
The key speakers at the conference will be three vice presidents at Intel, two of whom are Israelis.

We'll be there - and you?


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