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Guide: Overklocking for GTX 600 and GTX 700 graphics cards

Quick ... video card?

Before starting the guide, it is important to clarify what it is For video cards.

The speed of video cards, similar to the speed for processors, is to improve their performance while increasing the frequency of operation. Fortunately, the speed for video cards is a much simpler process than that of currently. This manual will specifically address the speeding of video cards NVIDIA Series Geforce 600 and-Geforce 700, More specific to the higher series, GTX650 And up andGTX760 and above.
First a little history: in the past there were different methods to hurry , Many of these methods were for testing and testing In general, it was not recommended to use a video card under full use. The improvement in most advanced graphics cards since the beginning of the era of video cards until a few years ago was minimal and not worth the hassle and wear.
At the end of 2009 and the beginning of 2010 were launched video cards HD 5800 של I HAVE D and-GTX400 של NVIDIA Respectively. These video cards broke out once and for all in the dam when it came to haste . They changed the cliche. These cards, specific HD 5850 and-GTX 470 Were the first to legitimately legitimize the possibility of improving scores of percentages As well as picking sales over their big and significantly expensive brothers.
Since then, the process of speeding has gradually improved and has become mainstream. Balance sheet In default frequencies, and those who are flushed are broken forever, and today the graphics cards are those that control the market and are speeded up by even more users. I find that the speed column in video card reviews is becoming popular, and it's not just that many users are concerned about how a model can achieve performance One way or another.
Clarification: The author of the manual or site is not responsible for any damage caused to the hardware as a result of using the manual. Any damage caused to hardware components or user is at the reader's responsibility only - please be careful when performing the steps as described in the manual. If a video card is accelerated or a video card is damaged as a result of the speed, the warranty will be canceled.
First of all - threshold requirements and appropriate tools
In order to be able to perform Video cards have a limited number of conditions that must exist. The first is the operating temperature and is suitable for default settings. The second condition is awareness of increased power consumption and heat emission - it is important that the power supply will allow the addition of power consumption to move in accordance with the same hardware component.
It is important to remember - the guide is an example and does not reflect the speeding capabilities of similar or identical video cards in the model. Each video card has an individual capability Is different to the heart and memory and needs to be found by the user.

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  1. I have a GEFORCE GT 635M on a laptop
    With a very powerful computer (not gamers but powerful) that runs COD BO2 smoothly. Should you do it even though it's a laptop?

  2. 1 responder is not worthwhile
    Not recommended laptop for performing OC (hurry)
    As it is not optimally ventilated
    It is better that your card does not overheat
    If it was a desktop computer with optimal cooling, this guide was relevant
    It's better not to

  3. Thanks so much for the guide. What is written here implies that the core is more important than memory. Does the core speed give a significant improvement in memory performance?
    What does the core do and what does the memory do? Thanks!

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