Exposure: • Corsair • HWzone PC2-8888 memory

Exposure: Corsair PC2-8888 memory

A little over a week later OCZ's announcement on PC2-8800 memories, Corsair today launches its new memorial series, the Dominator series, which also includes faster memory components. The Dominator series will now include two models and will be the cutting edge of Corsair. The memories in the series will come with new, unique shape diffusers under Corsair's DHX (Dual-Path Heat Xchange) technology.
The new Dominator memories will support EPP (Enhanced Performance Profiles) technology jointly developed by and-, So that owners of nForce 5 boards have other advantages.

The first memory it announces , Is the Premium DHX XMS2 Dominator, which comes rated at an incredible rating of PC2-8888 (ie 1,111MHz). The memory not only displays higher frequencies than OCZ's PC2-8800 memory, but also displays more tight times of 4-4-4-12-2T. The memory will include lifetime manufacturer warranty and will need 2.4V from your motherboard to display its impressive performance. You will market the memory in 2GB kits that include two 1GB modules.

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The second model coming from the company is the DHX XMS2 Dominator and it should also offer a slightly more sane price. Memory is rated as PC2-8500 (ie 1066MHz) and displays timings of 5-5-5-15-2T. This model will also come in 2GB and will need 2.2V power.

Corsair will also introduce a fan kit for the new Dominator series diffuser. The kit, which comes with premium memories and will be sold separately for the other memories in the series, will feature three 40 mm fans, the speed of which will be determined by the temperature sensors that will be integrated into the kit.


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  1. Finally ... someone
    Finally someone decides it's time to incorporate a thermal sensor into memories ...

    CORSAIR is The Royal Memory

  2. a question:
    What is the importance of scheduling versus the 8888 rating? Is it true that the improvement in timing doesn't add much?

  3. To 2
    If you read the article in your link well, you can see that it is a memory originally rated PC2-6400 and also has much higher timings than the new series.

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