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Palit RTX 2070 Super JS Card in Review: Enduring Excellence

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Introduction and introduction

The popular Geforce RTX 2070 model Gets the Super Treatment and Gets Stronger - We Checked How Much the New King of the Price Tag 500 Dollar

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We are at the peak of the summer season packed with computer and hardware purchases (ask the stores if you can get them at this load), and the gaming world of laptops continues to accelerate. This summer, the graphics core maker took advantage The opportunity to attack and decided to upgrade her existing video cards.

RTX series Received a disagreement when the price tags attached to the various video cards were higher than usual. Now, he does One step forward in providing greater value for the price by upgrading the video cards to Loo

Earlier we saw the very moderate upgrade of NVIDIA to RTX 2080 with version The RTX 2080 Super And now it is the turn of the significantly cheaper and popular video card, the 2070

Changes from one generation to another with the help of Palit video card maker. Well - visually, there's not much at all. Right - Palit 2070 Super JS, left - Palit 2070 Super Jetstream.

Brief explanation for confused: Palit has had an advanced card series called Jetstream for several years now. The card uses massive cooling and a very advanced printed circuit board. The overclocking version of the ticket was sold as Super Jetstream. After the new branding In Palit something had to be done so that the new video card would not read 2070 Super Super Jetstream therefore outsourced its Super and shortened the Jetstream to JS.

Technical changes between these two graphics cards - is done in the graphical core itself from TU106 to TU104 which is the graphical core used On RTX 2080 cards. This is due to the increase in CUDA graphics weathering from 2,304 to 2,560 Such.

Memory bandwidth remains at 256BIT, memory space remains at 8GB . Memory speed also remains the same at 14Gbps.

Something interesting I assumed was that in the Super model, Palit downloaded the Type-C interface on the VR Binoculars card. This is not a commonly used interface, so I do not consider it a problem. Besides, three interfaces 1.4 and interface 2.0 as usual.

The dimensions of the video card remained similar. Card length is 29.2 inches. 2.5 Thickness Thickness of , So you need to ensure proper spacing according to your computer system.

The requirement for electrical connections varies slightly from the standard RTX 2070. The Super has two 8PIN connections that it needs from the power supply. I suppose at some point this video card was designed to be RTX 2080, as it uses exactly 100% of the RTX 2080 components, but has undergone a burning bios In order to be marketed as 2070 Super.

As with the other models, there is also a back plate used to protect the printed board and connected with thermal pads to the hot parts on the back of the card.

The video card cooling remains the same as the other Jetstream models between cards .

This is simple cooling and for the matter based on five copper pipes connected to a cast copper base. Along the card are many aluminum fans that catch the heat and a pair of fans that hum it in the air.

Like any advanced hardware product today, the Palit RTX 2070 Super JS also has lighting Quite powerful and controllable by their dedicated software.

Today, the main competition for this video card is the RX 5700 XT. This is a video card that costs only 400 dollars compared to the 500 dollar that costs 2070 Super so the importance of performance is quite high.

It's time to go through the performance tests to see how this video card works.


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  1. Hi Lior
    Is there a big difference between this model and the same model but not the new suprt?
    (Rtx 2070 palit super jet stream)

  2. Quote of bora8

    Hi Lior Is there a big difference between this model and the same model but not the new suprt? (Rtx 2070 Palit super jetstream)

    2070 under review is the standard version. The non-writer

  3. Why is the gap between the 5700 and the XT model so significant in certain games on 1080P?

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