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Report: NVIDIA's Pascal generation is already in production

While AMD is in the final preparations to launch the parallel generation to GeForce 900, Are already in the midst of preparations for the next generation, which promises to bring several breakthrough technologies

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Fury who? AMD will unveil this Tuesday New generation Of video cards that by all means could finally give real fate to NVIDIA's impressive Maxwell 2.0 products, but at the same time, Santa Monica's chip developer isn't exactly waiting for it - and already Received Lydia has primary chips based on next-generation architecture, Pascal.


We already know that NVIDIA's Pascal generation will bring with it a number of very large technological ranks. The first gospel is the jump of two manufacturing processes - from the "ancient" 28 process where all the company's graphical cores are manufactured right now To the 16 process The new partner of the veteran TSMC, while in addition to the large scale the new process will be based on FinFET transistors Dimensional models, which are supposed to have a number of fundamental advantages vis-à-vis standard flat transistorsAs we have explained in the past).

Also, the Pascal generation should adopt the The initiative Of AMD and move, at least in part, For HBM memories Particularly fast - when these HBM 2 memories are expected to be even more up-to-date In AMD's Fury, With the ability to reach improved volumes and of course even more insane bandwidths. For dessert, full support for 12, and Mixed Precision processing support should help the X- The future will be more effective than anything we have ever known before.

What NVIDIA did with Maxwell 2.0 on the 28 nm was amazing - and we can only try and guess what heights it can take on 16 nm performance and with dual bandwidth to memory if you choose to continue focusing on 32 bit performance on general processing performance In 64 bit
What worked Do with 2.0 at 28 nm was amazing - and we can only guess at what heights it can take performance at 16 nm and with dual bandwidth, should you choose to continue to concentrate on 32 bit performance at the expense of 64 bit processing overall

It is worth noting that this is not the beginning of mass commercial production Pascal chips, But only in the production of first samples, which will be passed for examinations and. However, such production still seems to indicate that the main development process is complete, and hence the road to commercial launch is no longer that long. Usually, the time it takes to start producing actual launch samples is several months - indeed, the current estimates speak of launching first products based on the GP100 cores somewhere in the second quarter of 2016, about 9 to 12 months from now.


It is too early to make any statements yet, but based on this report, the general feeling is that May open next year a significant technological gap against the competitor - one that cannot be reduced or eliminated by attractive pricing. Will be very interesting, even on 2016.

Prepare for the Pascal era
Prepare for the Pascal era


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  1. They have nothing to hurry with Pascal, they have all the time in the world to release it with a competitor like AMD.

  2. The beauty of an article is invested
    But all the claims that 16NM will soon be out of touch.
    All in all, this is a tool experiment to see if the machine works, what to improve, the buoyancy will go for testing and construction.
    It will take months before he leaves.

  3. I told you.
    (I know you recognize) _

    Hi STACK 4 \ 8 _ Listen how sexy it sounds…: = Sssssa… Taaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah !!
    The FinFet develops lots of expectations…. _ (Remember the upgrade brought by SANDY | BRIDGE)

    Now I noticed that they did not give up the VOLTA.
    Probably the Pascal V2 will be what we expect now…. And only then do military-level renderings appear.
    Just do not choke on all the screens that come to us for the better. (The Rs just keep climbing and climbing)

    TRUTH We are now looking for some 2600K or 2700K plus 770 or 680 at a nice price, and only then the wait will be worth! _ (Personally I sold DC and I do not have a computer right now because of what looks like in a year)

  4. Very well, my computer is now about 4.5 years or so and is still "swiping", so it will be good for me at the end of 2016 to replace my computer with the new SKYLAKE and PASCAL, so I'll have fun for another year and a half, two years.
    Just what, you. I have to upgrade my screen now because it's a bit hard for me to deal with the new games that are coming out today and more on the QHD resolution of my new screen.

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