Past, Present and Future: Update about HWzone

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In recent weeks, HWzone has overcome an attack and the technical problems that followed it, a brief update on where we are and where we are headed

During the current year, the site underwent a comprehensive upgrade of the content system and its design, in order to provide all users with a modern, fast, beautiful and convenient site for surfing and reading. We are very pleased with the final result, and believe that this is also true of most of you.

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Many of you may have noticed a few days when there were difficulties, and even a complete inability, to enter and browse the site. A little over two weeks ago, during a routine upgrade to the server, the site was attacked in a DoS and Syn attack. We will not tire you with the technical details, but the combined attacks caused the site to be unavailable and to many technical problems. From that moment until last Wednesday (November 11), the technical team worked around the clock to build site protection walls and solve these technical problems.

As part of those actions intended to prevent any harm to the site's availability, access to it from addresses was blocked Which originated outside of Israel for several days, causing access problems for some of our users. Now HWzone has been reopened to overseas surfers, and we are making every effort to prevent similar actions in the future.

Upgrade to Google

The good news is that we have switched storage to Google 's servers , And the information passes through a layer of protection with several layers designed to prevent similar attacks in the future - so that the site will be available to you and your questions every day, all day long.

The HWzone site is constantly updated and updated, not only in terms of its news, articles, guides and forums - since 2001 we've changed countless systems and designs, and here is a short journey in time.

The various incarnations of HWzone

That's how we started more or less
That's how we started more or less
The site in 2003, who remembers?
The site in 2006
The main page in 2010
The site in 2012
Only a year ago we looked like this

the near future

The site will continue to undergo positive changes in the near future. The team is currently preparing to upgrade the site's forums to a more up-to-date platform. This process may also lead to some technical problems, but we believe that ultimately it will pay off for all of us. We will continue to share with you the progress of this process so that you will know exactly what to expect and when.

Alex Shapiro, editor in chief and all of the HWzone team