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PCI-Express 4.0 drives down to the people, roughly

The humble Sabrent company uses the Phison platform to offer ultra-fast NVME drives for processors New ones

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The launch of the Ryzen 3000 processors with first-of-its-kind support in the PCI-Express 4.0 standard in the home market is only days away, and with it the official launches of drives Who knew how to capitalize on the increased potential thanks to the M.2 connectors and the X-, With continuous speeds that will break the 4 gigabyte-per-second threshold to a new, gigantic theoretical threshold of 7 gigabytes per second.

The thanks to the new category selection should be sent to the Chinese company Phison, which continues to implement its successful business model and provides the various manufacturers with a ready-made platform in the new generation with a controller named E16 - which is now also featured in Sabrent's Rocket NVME 4.0, , , PNY and.

Sabrent offers an initial introduction to the price war that will accompany the next generation The new?

Sabreen is not a known name and has longstanding reputation and reputation in the storage world, but the proven capabilities of Phison behind it should be sufficient to make most consumers convinced - and now offers its PCIe 4.0 model that reaches continuous speeds of up to 5 -Bite per second For 230 "only" for one terabyte, Or 430 dollars to inflate 2 terabytes. The model can be purchased in a simple configuration without a heat sink or together with the most massive heat sink we have seen in the M.2 drive to date 250 dollars for a terabyte model או 450 dollars to 2 terabytes.

The E16 controller Is designed to offer capabilities very similar to those of the popular E12 controller - but with significantly higher continuous speeds thanks to support for PCIe 4.0

You can not ignore the fact that these are price levels that are higher than 2 and even more than the current price levels for drives Fast and advanced 3.0, but we can certainly hope that this is only the beginning and from now on we can see a rapid decline thanks to the expected competition of the various companies that will try to capture a piece of this new and prestigious market.

Also drives of Are already being sold online - a few days before there is a practical platform to support them

Sabrent's prices are a slight cut compared to price The Corsair Force MP600 drives Which began selling at Amazon in the last 24 hours at basic prices 250 dollars to one terabyte volume and-450 dollars to 2 terabytes (Here too you will get a body Dedicated, when you can not select a drive that does not come with one) - and we build on the fact that more and more models will join this race in the coming weeks. It would be interesting, no doubt.

More models will bring prices down quickly or not necessarily? We'll soon find out


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  1. So this is the reason for the drastic decline in the past year in the prices of NVME ...

    Estimates that operating systems will rise in 5 seconds at such speeds ... and perhaps it is time for this memory to be integrated into the board in a structured way, and to come with an installed system.

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