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Performance Tests: Is Your Computer Ready for Call of Duty Modern Warfare?

We took a decent amount of hardware to test in the company's new hit - Let's find out what it takes to have an immaculate experience

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Many of us have already grown accustomed to the fact that the money making machines at Activision Blizzard don't stop working, and that every year we get a title New. Of course, over the years some of the titles have gained much enthusiasm and popularity, while others have gained a few days of glory after launch and then mostly quiet until launch the next.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare game, not to be confused with 4: Modern Warfare of the Year 2007, is a full reboot of the series with new gameplay and graphics elements. This, along with the return of beloved characters such as Captain Price.

The new game in the series uses a new graphic engine developed in Completely from scratch. This is different from engines that have relied on old code so far. The code also comes from ID Tech 3 developed in 2003.

This time too, the game is full of adrenaline, agile battles and a wide variety of weapons.

Without discussing the gameplay too much, and how much it is worthwhile to purchase this game (which we will leave mostly to you), we decided to look into how video cards currently deal with the new game. Testing the ability of video cards should be done with a powerful processor if we want to rule out the possibility of bottleneck in every possible situation, so we use here i9 9900K frequency of 5Ghz along with In 16GB volume at 3600Mhz speed.

We've taken some of the most popular video cards currently sold in stores for the exam.

Examining this kind of game is not easy, as performance results need to be reliable, and we can rely on the same results for additional hardware. Therefore, the length of each exam is extremely long. Think of it like grinding a rough surface. The longer the exam time, the more unusual results can be ruled out. Every result you see was created by measuring an entire 30 minutes of playability.

We put 5 against 5 bots in the Gun Runner map, which is considered medium in size, and has many elements of nature. The scenario is slightly heavier than average, which should give a good indication of what users should expect to use with similar hardware.

We used the highest possible settings without using shadows . We also tested the game at two common resolutions - 1920 × 1080 FullHD and 2560 × 1440 WQHD. Internal rendering resolutions are 100% in both cases.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is considered a title Electronic, and such titles enjoy a high amount of frames per second, and usually allow for this without the use of many resources. The combination of fast playback with a quick refresh screen will be common among experienced players.

If you want to enjoy the new CoD under full settings and get above average 60 per second on average with a respectable minimum, the GTX 1650 seems to fall a little short but overall does the job. The RX 580 will fit, and the GTX 1660 Ti is already in control. In fact, volume The 4GB graphic will give you an over-use warning if you want to play 2560 × 1440 under full settings for your attention. I don't blame, GTX 1650 is not built for this resolution.

If you want to enjoy maximum display quality and use the 1920 × 1080 screen with high refresh frequency, it seems that 2060 and above are key to success. Anyone who uses the 2560 × 1440 screen and wants display quality and above 120 frames per second, it seems 2080 Super and everything above it will deliver the goods.

Of course, you can reduce shadow quality, distance to display full texture quality, etc. - which will significantly improve performance. In this situation, you can also use 2070 Super For 120 and more per second under 2560 × 1440.

Apart from examining abilities With a super fast processor, we decided to take the 2080 Super Agile and try different processing configurations to see performance impact:

Pushing a high amount of frames per second is also an important task on the system processor. To do this, we took RTX 2080 Super and checked which processor configurations we get which performance. On the one hand Core i9 9900K and on the other hand Ryzen 7 3700X, two core octane processors with current Intel and Respectively.

We are pleased to announce that despite the serious explosions and effects, each 6 processor has a core section i5 8000 and 5 2000 can handle the game easily. Of course, processors with 4 cores and 8 capillaries can be used. The new CoD also benefits from this.

Processors with 4 cores and 4 capillaries can generate a decent amount of frames per second, but will have trouble with explosions and onerous effects. As the frequency of action becomes lower, performance is more seriously affected. When we took the 4 cores configuration and 4 capillary to 4Ghz frequency, the processor stayed at 100% for almost the entire exam. Of course the amount of frames per second he managed to spend is still healthy and serious. כמו i5 or even 4590 i5 3570 should handle the game without unnecessary difficulties as long as it uses a moderate intensity graphics card and under lower settings.

An interesting phenomenon that I noticed is that every time you installed a game card, you loaded all the necessary computational elements into the graphics memory. This is so as not to do this while playing and hurting the experience. This is a process that I have noticed in recent years in my games . Definitely an interesting step. At each card swap, I waited about two minutes to start a new exam.

Regarding Intel front - We were surprised to see that CPU performance Maintain a completely smooth experience, especially in configuring 6 cores and 12 capillaries against the same Intel, can be seen by the average amount of frames in the low percentage. You stayed with your head above water and provided Good with the 2080 Super.

We also noticed the strange behavior we were able to reproduce, in which the processor Has 4 cores produced It is better than having an 6. This may have to do with the way the game distributes tasks to the various cores in the system. Repeat runs of the test in this configuration continue to produce similar results. Eight cores remains in the top, unsurprisingly.

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