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Pictures of the AMD PIC computer are open

few months ago We reported About the launch of AMD's Personal Internet Communicator (PIC), a third-world computer. Although not a computer for anything but a unit that has a simple and relatively weak processor (AMD's Geode Processor only needs 1W and runs at a frequency of 366MHz), 128MB memory and 10GB hard disk running Windows CE operating system. The PIC is capable of running a number of basic functions such as browsing, e-mail reading, word processing and multimedia playback, and its purpose is to be an internet connection tool for those who are not. Can afford more (especially residents of poor countries).

Vincent Kate Go That the device can be used for other things like running a Linux server and turning it into a router that includes a material firewall. In addition, because the PIC is fanless, Vincent thought of making it completely quiet and replacing its hard disk with a memory drive . Although the attempt to connect the flash disk was not successful, but we received a number Interesting PIC's from within.

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With such an interesting device, maybe in the future we will be able to see all kinds of projects that successfully integrate the device in a variety of places.


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