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Mobile Monster: New performance tests for the Mobile GeForce GTX 980 cards

Detailed and up-to-date performance tests for the new portable video card Confirm that this is one of the most impressive technological products we have seen this year

Many were very surprised When exposed Mobile GeForce GTX 980 card a month ago - after all, not every day you meet a computer card Which is actually the same version as the one that only a year earlier dominated the top of the desktop PC market. In fact, it's something we've never seen before.

A few days later We brought you Tests First made to the new model, confirming his being a husband Very similar, and often completely identical, to those of the GTX 980 stationary - with the implication also being a jump of about 25 percent in capabilities above GTX 980M, which was the most powerful mobile model by then.


now, The first monsters based on the Mobile GTX 980 began to sell to consumers - and we got another, more detailed view of the purpose that allowed us to reach the obvious conclusion: this graphic card is a monster , Which may change everything we used to think about mobile gaming.


Performance tests performed on sites notebookcheck and-computer base Illustrate that the Mobile cards Can handle any up-to-date title, in its maximum settings, at FullHD resolution, while gaming with WQHD and UHD resolutions is definitely not a taboo.


The confirmation tests improved by a bit more than 25 percent on average compared to the 980M GTX, and even illustrated that arrays Of a GeForce GTX 970 card pair and a GeForce GTX 980M pair of cards lead the Mobile GTX 980 by about 2 and 16 respectively. Keep in mind that some gaming models are planning to offer an array Of a pair of Mobile models On your computer - and you can only imagine the amazing performance that such a system will give, which will be better than what would be obtained from the vast majority of gaming PCs.

mobg8 mobg7


NVIDIA's new gaming machine can be complimented much more, but we assume that you have already understood the direction. We can only hope That the new NVIDIA Pascal generation (and also Welcome to join this interesting trend, of course) will continue the performance optimization trend and reduce the thermal envelope of the leading video cards - so that in 2016 we can see more sample The difference between it and its desktop counterpart will be as minimal as possible. Gaming Perhaps it will never be suitable for all players, but it is very nice to know that those who want to do so have the same hardware as the stationary world.


What will cause you to consider replacing the desktop gaming system with a high-performance gaming laptop , If any? We would be happy to hear your opinions on the subject in comments.

Surprisingly enough, the Mobile GTX 980 will be offered in two versions of slightly different sizes and with slightly different operating frequencies - the smaller of the two models is compatible with standard MXM cards and is likely to provide the ultimate package for a mobile system - a pair of SLI Mobile GTX 980 cards
Surprisingly enough, the Mobile Will be offered in two versions of slightly different sizes and with slightly different operating frequencies - with the smaller model compatible with standard MXM cards, and probably designed to allow the ultimate package for a mobile system - a pair of mobile cards Such as the SLI array


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  1. Is there a special reason why 980 does not spend this size on PCIE? He seems to be smaller than NANO

  2. Yes,
    Milking as much as possible now than there is, because such a size and power is a novelty for what we know as ordinary people, then slowly innovate to make every innovation as separate as possible.

    After all, 900 is their last series, so first we get out of putting out a new series as much as possible, the smaller one can be postponed to the next series and if they want to exaggerate then there will also be a small version and a "normal" version that are of equal performance only if there is a premium price on the reduced. And not over-innovating enough for free will renew you a series and you will have to pay a little more resizing (not to say that from absolute knowledge but an informed guess).

    If it sounds like I'm disgruntled with them then really not, I will probably continue to buy their products as usual, nothing to do that way our world works.

  3. There's no logic to what you're saying.
    In terms of "milk" it was also right to issue a super small PCIE version with a premium supplement (like NANO's).
    The scene of laptop gamers is quite small compared to stationary so they pre-restrict themselves very much in terms of "milking" ...

  4. It's only for the capable!
    It's an investment for a maximum of two years and then needs to be upgraded.
    Maybe if his maintenance was as easy as stationary you could think of enjoying such an expense but the maintenance is somewhat problematic.
    Mobile like it should be portable (for travel, gifts, leisure not home), it makes no sense to own a machine like this laptop and not play on a huge screen.
    Well ... Bottom line: There is a plus and a minus!

  5. It makes no sense what you say. In terms of "milk" it was also right to issue a super small PCIE version with a premium supplement (like NANO's). The scene of laptop gamers is quite small compared to stationary so they pre-restrict themselves very much in terms of "milking" ...

    I do make sense, as a company that wants to maximize profits, they would prefer to keep any "revolutionary" development for as long as "ace" on their sleeve and release their "simpler" technology for as long as possible and earn or squeeze as much as possible Such a period of time. Sounds somewhat conspiratorial, but before 15 maybe 20 a year ago in the world of technological "madness" the number of innovations was on such short periods of time until one day the companies found themselves taking the place and losing money, why? Because they threw everything they had in the market quickly And they were left with no aces on their sleeves, there was a crisis and everyone realized that access had to be changed.
    It is a fact that they can now release one such fact! Because it exists on mobile so taking it stationary is not a problem for NVIDIA if the situation was reversed, then take a strong stationary card and push it on mobile I might think that this is indeed a problem but in this case there is no problem just probably lack of interest to them at this time because the interest Theirs is another.

    Look at the GAMING thing on 4K for example, I think it already has the capability and it is not new to release tickets that will meet it. But think for a moment how many people are currently holding a screen like this? I suppose really but not much so most of the market is people with FHD screens and below. So if they pull out cards with such ability it's a shot in the leg, why? Because then most people who hold an FHD screen and down (most of the market as mentioned) will not have to look at their top 3 tickets at all because they will be crazy overkill and be able to buy an 4-5 card maybe even lower which means a huge loss over now.
    Then it turns out that their interest at the moment is to delay the exit of such capabilities.

  6. I did not say I want to throw everything they have out fast so we are happy and then fire people. But I think it would be better if they were slightly less pigs, the technology could be moderated in a way that would be faster than now but slow enough Not to go bankrupt, at the moment, it's not about moderating it, it's just someone holding it tight on purpose because it is in their best interest (I do not buy the manufacturing difficulties in TSMC plants).

    Again I do not complain that this is the world in which we live, this culture. It has patients but it is still the least problematic method in my opinion.
    I play the game because there is not too much choice ..

    Your mind instead is just saying my opinion, but I think your opinion is a little naive, your right.

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