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Powerful GeForce RTX 2080 Ti in a laptop - for the pros

NVIDIA ignites the imagination of computer hardware enthusiasts With model New and powerful 6000. Is there any hope for the gaming version later?

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Santa Clara's green chip developer has become the undisputed queen of computer graphics processing A few years ago, when she decided to stop making hardware-level differences between these products and her desktop products, she found technologies that enabled Very close (at least in some cases) to the "real thing" even in compact portable systems. Now it will try to bend the laws of physics even further with the new formidable Quadro RTX 6000 model in a mobile configuration - which compresses 4,608 CUDA and controller 384 bit into 15 and 17 inch motherboards.

Like the Titan RTX and Quadro RTX 6000 and Quadro RTX 8000 desktops, the Quadro RTX 6000 also features a fully active TU102 core alongside no less than 24GB's GDDR6 - Massive upgrade compared to the mobile versions of the Quadro RTX 5000 and the 2080 that have been the most powerful in the field so far with 3,072 CUDA units and 2,944 "only" CUDA units respectively.

The full power of the era - For the first time even on laptops

To deal with the heat generated from a graphical core capable of consuming over 200 watts in Develop an array Unique and narrow based on a pair of titanium evaporation cells capable of removing heat from up to 300 watts of power, as well as Extremely compact exterior (with a Type-C connection, quite surprisingly) capable of delivering up to 300 watts - plus an enhancement to the company's long-standing Optimus mechanism that will allow the transition from using the economical graphical core built into the processor to the powerful discrete graphics core.

Did not provide the full technical details about the mobile version of the Quadro RTX 6000 - but it makes sense to assume that it will also contain the full amount of stationary tensor and horn tracing units, just as it contains the same amount of CUDA units and the same volume. Graphic built-in

All of these gospels were combined into a new reference platform Ace is designed to demonstrate to the laptop manufacturers the potential of the new hardware - Modern 15 inch thick 25 millimeter, hexagonal processor and card RTX 6000 capable of delivering about 90 percent of the performance of the 6000 desktop.

looks like Willing to take on more and more engineering responsibilities in the field of laptops, to ensure the co-operation of the computer makers, and to ensure a worthy and uniform experience as much as possible to the consumers themselves - which has not always worked so far within the Max-Q technology venture that included particularly large differences between Different branded applications of the same hardware components

Arrogant fantasy or a surprising new technological reality? We have already demonstrated our capabilities in the past despite the skepticism and cynicism of many across the Web, and for now it seems that And Iseer is happy to partner with her in the new venture - so it should not be disqualified.

Isser and Asus have already announced new mobile models under the brand new Studio Studio With Quadro RTX 6000 inside them - and the MSI and Will do so soon

Beyond the gospel required for professional content creators and editors who can finally take the profession with them anywhere without compromising performance (compromising on price will already be a story after all) - we can't help but wonder if the Quadro RTX 6000 is a preliminary stage for a possible launch of Model RTX 2080 Ti For especially large and prestigious gaming computers. Technology obviously already exists (the 6000 actually contains an extra 6 percent in the number of processing units relative to 2080 Ti stationary) - and probably a small, loyal target audience who would be willing to spend tens of thousands of shekels for these machines. We hope to receive more surprising news in this area soon.

15 inch in sane dimensions, with Tickling desktops equipped with RTX 2080 Ti or even on RTX - It's an idea that will occupy us much more now, after the exposure of the 6000 and the demo platform next to it


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