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Powerful power around the corner: Ryzen bin 16 processor cores were observed in Computex

Although not officially announced on the main stage - a home processor for masses with a record number of processing cores seems to exist and is on its way to market

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AMD's big surprise for the home processor market in Computex 2019 was The dreaded Ryzen 9 3900X processor, Which will provide consumers with no less than 12 physical processing cores (and 24 logical cores with the use of SMT technology) on the well-known AM4 platform at a very competitive competitive price of $ 500. Exploring the company's new architecture within the Zen 2 cores made us believe in the moment when the best and most powerful exposure is still ahead of us - and indeed it seems that There is a plan to launch a processor 9 also with 16 physical processing cores soon.

YouTube channel named Tech Yes City Told of demonstrations of the most elaborate home Ryzen processors that were not yet exposed behind the scenes at the huge hardware exhibition, and even provided a number of photographs documenting the 16 cores system with Water that runs at frequencies between 4.1GHz and 4.25GHz for all its units - on the way to a very impressive 4,346 points score when examining the many cores of the popular Cinebench R15 test.

Performance is similar to that of a leading 18 processor In the X Refresh - and more than 2.5 compared to the model 7 2700X The current octagon

We currently have no information about the model name (perhaps Ryzen 9 3950X?) Of Core 16 Processor, Its basic work frequency without the rush or price - but it seems to be ripe and very close to commercial availability, with the decision to wait with its exposure designed to allow Improve the validation and sorting process in its hands - and probably also optimally exploit the existing business potential in a situation where direct competition from home Includes only eight processing cores.

16 cores in the family Before the end of the year, with a slight delay designed to ensure as high operating frequencies as possible?

It is likely that the model Ben 16 cores will include a higher power casing than those of the C- As they were declared with a given 105 watts, which would result in considerable compatibility challenges between the various motherboards available to the platform And the product - but we certainly will understand it as part of such a significant (and even revolutionary) move for the mainstream market. We will continue to follow and update as soon as possible!

With $ 200 prices for six cores and 500 dollars for 12 cores - can you predict that the 16 cores will cost $ 750 or less? Hope to find out soon

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