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Prepare the Rattles: Launch dates for Skylake processors

Want to upgrade your computer and want to know how long will you have to wait for the new generation of Intel? All the details you are looking for are here

The new Skylake generation of The Atarah was restored to some extent, with the first models being launched underneath were the new stationary models and having the Open Patio. However, do not think that the other models are far behind - according to the latest information that comes to us a variety of other models will be launched in the coming month, and more launches are waiting for us over the next three months.

Models i7 and The new LGA 5 stationary base station, with no open components and versions in a reduced thermal envelope, will be officially launched tomorrow (September 1151) as a slightly reduced alternative to i7-6700K and i5-6600K which at present are in low availability in the markets due to the high demand.



At the end of the month, at 27 in September, we will also see the launch of processors i3 and Dual-core base stations based on the same LGA 1151 chassis, which will actually complement the chip giant's fixed line product for the time being.

Parallel to them, will be launched no less than 13 Of the powerful H families, the cost-effective U and the Y (or M) Ultra-economical: Starting with i7-6700HQ The quadrilateral and the cores i7-6820HK The quadrilateral cores with the open product at the top end, i7-6500U and i5-6200U, whose technical details we received last week, M new and modern ones we told you only today. Expect to see a mobile First come to market already this October.

Source: cpu-world.com
Source: cpu-world.com

At the end of October we will see the launch of more powerful and powerful Skylake-H models, i7-6920HQ), and concurrently launched the dual- The first official mobile phones, in which we can finally try to understand what they are offering compared to the H models mentioned above.

During the month of November, 2015 will receive the launch of the Pentium-4405U and Pentium 4405Y models, Which will be launched two months earlier.


For dessert, during the first quarter of the year 2016 we will also welcome the launch of a pair of Celeron models From the U family, which will be another step in the discount, and will probably help us see ultra-lightweight and other slim mobile phones at prices less than NIS 2,000.

The end of this year will be overloaded with my work Of all types and genders - so you only have to choose the winning model in your eyes. Successfully.

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