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Prepare to multiply volumes: Samsung has begun mass production of 4GB DDR128 modules

The Korean giant is using its three-dimensional production technologies to produce DRAM in unprecedented volumes

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Memories of the DRAM Dynamic Random Access Memory is not exactly the most prominent bottleneck in modern computer systems, but it is nevertheless pleasant to see them become faster, larger - and more cost-effective, thanks in part to the move to the Fresh.

now, One of the leaders Of this market, Samsung, Declares Because it began manufacturing DDR4 memory modules in RDIMM (Registered Dual Inline Memory Module) servers for 128 gigabytes (!) Per module. This is a real breakthrough in the field. By comparison, the Skylake processors The latest supports total DRAM volume (based on 4 memory slots) of up to 64GB only, while the Haswell-E Extreme processors can receive up to 128GB of memory , Based on 8 slots.

A line to the DRAM world - and not just for servers and powerful processing
In line with the DRAM world - and not just for the one designed for high-performance servers and processing applications

This huge volume is made possible by the use of DRAM chips stacked on top of each other with TSV technology that connects them via the printed circuits and not only from their sides (similar to the application we saw on the chips The innovative HBM on AMD's graphics cards), giving you the ability to compress more chips in a given area without sacrificing performance, basic work voltages, and power consumption.


Beyond that, single-server server processors can hold up to 2,400Mbps up to terabytes of RAM, and motherboards with a pair of residuals and 16 DRAM slots can hold up to 2 terabytes (!) Of RAM - Here, far-reaching meaning is also for home consumers. Implementation of TSV technology in standard DIMMs designed for established systems You will be able to turn 16GB volume sticks into the new basic standard, enabling each system to maximize the maximum volume offered by the generation Without special difficulties - and later 32GB and even 64GB modules can become a reality on the way to overall volumes that will ensure that memory Will not be missed by any of us, at least not in the foreseeable future.

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