Prepare your computer for the summer: AMD's new super card will be unveiled at 16 in June

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The red manufacturer gives us a first glimpse of its innovative Fiji chip, and confirms that it and its entire new generation of products will be officially presented, finally, in just over a week

Are waiting impatiently for the E3 annual exhibition that begins with the real autoto? Now you have another good reason for this - first official introduction to the new, and highly anticipated generation of graphics cards .

While competitor NVIDIA Took advantage of Computex to launch its flagship graphic product without delay, AMD preferred to take advantage of the stage at the large hardware exhibition to introduce, for the first time, the new Fiji chip with the HBM memory on which the new leading models will be based - and conclude with a bombastic statement about it That the new video cards themselves will be officially exposed to 16 in June 2015, In the framework of The unique PC show at the E3 show, initiated by AMD together with several other prominent partners.


In the images of the core of Fiji, the four boxes can be seen The innovative HBMs are on the same interferometer substrate as the rest of the core components, and it is not difficult to notice the huge overall size of the chip - estimated at 520 millimeters per square meter!

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The manufacturer of Sunyville was not yet ready to unveil a new generation video card in full, nor were they really willing to elaborate on the technical data The Radeon Fury, The Radeon R9 390X or any of the other products waiting for us - all we can tell now is based on all the information we have accumulated so far, according to which the Radeon Fury (which will come in two or three different sub-models) will be based on the core of the new Fiji, With Very fast HBM memory 4GB volume, a record number of 4,096 processing units, and a seemingly monstrous power consumption of over 300 watts.

At the same time, it seems that the other names of models already familiar to us from previous editions, from the Radeon R9 390 / 390X spoken down, Will all be "rebranding" models that already exist in the market Today, unfortunately, what is supposed to leave AMD only the download weapon (Where it has been used several times in the market for video cards recently) Prices are in constant struggle against .


Either way, in a little over a week it seemed that it would finally come to an end Waiting period and uncertainty of nearly a year - And the war in the video card market will resume even more.

are you ready for it?
are you ready for it?