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Prepare your computer for the summer

Thermaltake Introduces Level 10 GT Enclosure With Built-in water, and two new watercourses

Summer is already here and the heat is at its peak, and when the asphalt is outside you can fry a rich British breakfast - it's just the time to talk about Water to the computer.

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Taiwanese Thermaltake is now introducing three new water cooling products - two separate systems Of the Bigwater series And one package is the one that gets a special Bilt Inn version.

Bigwater A80 Is a water-cooled cooling system for the processor, in the popular configuration of a water block and a compact radiator that connect to the fan housing in the chassis, Even at Other manufacturers כמו , And others.
The system is based on both CoolIT and Asetek components, and offers a copper surface that connects to the processor, an aluminum radiator and an 120 millimeter fan running at speeds of 1200rpm up to 2500rpm.

Bigwater 760 Plus Is a system Impressive in size, which occupies two 5.25-inch brackets, and also features a copper touch pad, an 120 millimeter aluminum radiator, a top and side air fan, and an ultra-quiet P500 pump that offers 500 liter-hourly suction power, Quite powerful.

Level 10 GT LCS Bigwater A80 Bigwater 760 Plus

The system is not opaque, which should allow users to adjust or cool the processor or cool the video card, or to refrigerate several components.

Both systems support the vast majority of modern home processors and residence (Processors from AM2 / AM2 + / AM3 / FM1 / FM2) and Intel processors (775 / 1155 / 1156 / 1366 and even 2011 to Bigwater A80). It is not specified whether the systems support the AM3 + chassis, although this is actually a physical chassis similar to the AM3, and therefore we hope that the answer is positive.

The disco package: Now also with Built-in water

Last but kindly is the case Level 10 GT LCS - In the company they took The chassis in question (Which began its journey As the Level 10 concept The futuristic) and set up a system The Bigwater 850GT built-in water includes (again) a copper surface, a double 120 millimeter radiator, an 120 millimeter fan, a P500 pump and an 330cc reservoir for a simple replacement of the coolant.
All three products are expected to land in stores sometime next month (prices are still not available) Hope to offer a variety of solutions that will appeal to all types of users - those who are interested in a ready system, and those who want to assemble and adjust the cooling system themselves.

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