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Getting ready for the big launch? AMD will deliver the opening event of the Computex 2019 exhibition

CEO of chip developer will take center stage at Taiwan's largest hardware exhibition at the end of next month - and the network are convinced that the timing will be used to announce both a new generation of And a new generation of video cards

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Company Has returned to the center stage of the hardware market in recent years, after a not-so-simple period of shuffle and technological backwardness - and the best illustration of this seems to have been the fact that its press conference has become one of the main events of the CES 2019 exhibition in Las Vegas. The same event provided us with the announcement of the VII, and the introduction of the C- 2, which will be used by future processors - and now it seems that the red camp is planning to gain attention even in the largest exhibition in the East, .

Dr. Lisa Soo, CEO of AMD, will deliver the keynote address at the 27 in May - and online predictions predict that it will also introduce us to the first video cards based on the Navi architecture on 7 nanometer (second generation, The competitor Has not yet revealed its own first generation based on the lithography) and with the third generation Ryzen processors, which will be based on the same cores 2 Spoken.

Event announcement of Last January was quite interesting - and that of May may be even more interesting

The latest estimates are that we will see the Matisse processors, the code name for the third desktop Ryzen generation, first coming in with Single chiplet and up to eight physical processing cores, probably with significantly lower power consumption than previous generations, before possible advancements for models with up to 16 processing cores in the mainstream market (and 32 to 64 cores in high market models) - all alongside updated motherboards based on the chipset , But also saving backwards compatibility for the X370 and X470 boards.

The new chip architecture will be able to leap above the performance level of , Even in my point of view Individual?

At the same time, the Navi architecture should be flexible and effective enough to replace both Polaris and Vega, with the estimates that mass intermediates will reach the stores first, RX 500 as a whole.

Home processors, powerful server processors, new HEDT processors and We are all expected in the near future

Currently, these are speculations only and should be treated as such - but there is no doubt that we are expecting particularly interesting months ahead of us in most categories of the hardware market. Watch more updates soon!


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