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Processor Ryzen 7 3700X vs. Ryzen 7 2700X - What happens when working with a single memory channel?

We took the representative of generation processors The second with its direct replacement for another round of tests - to see what happens when you switch from two-channel optimized memory to one single channel

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Since its launch two years ago, Ryzen's processors have been known As those who need memory at higher speeds to get the most out of them, because of their heavy dependence on the built-in memory controller for transmitting information.

Users' habit of taking the cheapest memory kits to the whole system had to change accordingly, and memory producers were legitimized to invest more and lower prices to compete for the consumer's heart. With the Ryzen 2000 series only needed man and the use of memory sets of type Over 2666Mhz has become very common.

In this review we wanted to focus mainly on the differences between Ryzen 3000 and Ryzen 2000 and specifically 3700X vs. 2700X when dealing with traffic Significantly lower.

Of course, we examine this out of curiosity, but also because the composition of the processor varies significantly between these two generations. While architecture Plus on which the 2700X is based leaves it in monolithic design (a single piece of silicon) The 7 3700X contains two pieces of silicon, one of which is the IO controller and the other the cores only.

While in processors like Ryzen 9 3900X and 3950X have 12 and 16 cores there are two sets of cores of 8 each (in 3900X two cores are deactivated in each group), 3700X has only one set of cores, and therefore half of the maximum cache .The Infinity Fabric controller communicates with the memory sticks on the motherboard through a dedicated controller and transfers them in two internal channels to the core sets in a full Zen2 processor. While 3700X is one such GMI2 channel, so you know, the speed of processor memory writing is half as much as a full processor. What is the meaning of the new PLCs for reading operations and how this is expressed when drastically changing speed System.

For this we took Ryzen 7 2700X and Ryzen 7 3700X together with the kit And we checked what happens when we work with a single channel of Compared to two channels. The purpose of this experiment is to show the efficiency of memory controllers as well as answer the question "Is running a Zen2 based system with Lonely is a legitimate choice, at least for the time being? "It can very well be that the motherboard has 2 interfaces Only a user will want to run a single stick of 16GB now, and maybe add one in the future.

Our test system includes the Crosshair VIII Hero WiFi Motherboard along with the Geforce RTX 2080 graphics card and kit D80 sample made . This memory kit comes with an XMP XXUMX-17-18-18 XMP 38 profile at 3600Mhz speed.

We ran this assessment in a two-channel configuration, completely standardized, and then we took one stick. For comparison, working with a single channel in such a situation would be significantly slower even than working with 2133Mhz on dual channel. Today, the most common memory kits at low prices already contain 2666Mhz-3200Mhz operating speeds at fairly good times, but any speed Another lower one is not really relevant to the buyer today.

In our render test in the blender, the difference between a single channel and two channels is minimal and stands at 2% with 2700X, but just on a standard deviation line with the 3700X that does not lose rule.

The Winrar test shows the differences created in writing on processors. Here the differences are quite large. 2700X Loses almost 40% And 3700X loses only 18%. The improvement between the two processors in dealing with the shortage of speed It is especially large.

In the Overwatch game, we lost Relatively gentle, even in the minimum number of frames. This is good news for people who are interested in this title.

In the title of Metro Exodus under fairly high game settings, depending on the capacity of the video card we saw a loss Relatively low on average, but the minimum number of frames per second was affected mainly by the acceleration of the 2700X.

Like the Metro, the new Tomb Raider is also known as one that is dramatically affected by hardware speed changes, and is a fairly extreme case for demonstration purposes. Here, a decrease to one channel in 3700X reduced the average frame rate per second by 5% and 2700X by 18%. The improvement in the processor structure seems to have a dramatic effect on dealing with such situations.

It seems that at least when it comes to games and rindor, work on one channel with processors 3000 based on Zen2 core is not an option to eliminate system performance at all.

The improvement made between these two generations of processors can be seen as the dramatic reduction in the loss of performance between two channels Only one channel.

What this means about choosing the memory system 3000?

Of course we do not recommend any new system based Ryzen 3000 to use a stick Single. However, with the not particularly large differences, especially in games, it can be understood that the need for the fastest possible memory should not exist in any system that is being built. What we have tested here is the situation between the kit 3600Mhz is fairly fast and the mode produces performance Falling system 2133Mhz.

There is nothing wrong with selecting a cheap 2666Mhz-3000Mhz memory pack for new Ryzen 3000 systems. Building a system and considering using one or another memory stick now and then upgrading to two? This is not a problem, performance differences will often be very low, and these I think are the best news from the improved architecture In a processor between these two generations.

In the last few days we have presented you with kits Many at funny prices, and we really believe there is no need for more systems 3000 news, probably at a time when even the 16GB kit at 3000Mhz speed drops below the line.

For the improvement and alignment of the line with Intel for memory compatibility and its impact, .

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