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Processors you won't find anywhere else: Apple launches new laptops

The most compact MacBook Pro models advance to the Ice Lake generation And upgraded keyboards

More and more factors are predicting that Apple is going to make one of its most significant moves in the modern era with a shift to architecture And processors of self-development on personal computers, just like on smartphones and tablets - but in practice, the close collaboration with Continues to work normally, with the announcement of another update for the PCs Pro 13 successful.

The small version of the MacBook Pro 2020 will feature a pair of quad-core processors The 10-inch Ice Lake section, with an enlarged 28-watt power casing and frequencies that cannot be found in any other mobile device: i5-1038NG7 with base frequency of 2GHz and maximum turbo frequency of 3.8GHz and i7-1068NG7 with 2.3GHz base frequency and even higher turbo frequency of up to 4.1GHz.

It will be very interesting to examine the performance of the processors within these computers compared to other computers with processors - And see how the enhanced built-in cores will function under an enlarged 28-watt power casing

These laptops will be offered for sale at a starting price of $ 1,800, with a 13-inch IPS panel at 2,560 × 1,600 pixels, 4MHz fast LPDDR3,733X memory, 16GB, NVMe drives between 512GB and 4TB (psychic plus $ 1,200 cost) ) Up to 3GBps continuous transfer speeds, 58-watt-hour battery that lasts up to 802.11 hours, XNUMXac dual-channel Wi-Fi connectivity, four connections 3 for all required uses - and a Magic Keyboard keyboard with traditional 'Scissor Switch' (instead of 'butterfly' mechanisms that get very mixed user feedback from the previous generation) and with a Touch Bar bar at the top.

Will this new-old keyboard satisfy consumers? We'll find out soon

MacBook Pro models will also be cheaper in 2020 - starting at $ 1,300, though based on eighth-core quad-core processors (Coffee Lake), with 8GB or 16GB of more modest LPDDR3 memory, Iris Plus 645 graphical kernel, NVMe drives between 256GB and 2TB and only a duo 3, but with the same updated Magic Keyboard and even with more modest thickness and weight relative to the versions From the previous paragraph.

The selection of The mobile market has narrowed - but we hope to see more launches and surprises later this year

Despite the various rumors and prophecies, meanwhile, Apple's collaboration with Intel seems to be going full force with us - and every possible move to ARM or even CPU's (Alongside its graphics cards already in the Big Pro and desktop Macs) have not yet been on the horizon.

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