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Quality hardware at prices that are hard to ignore, now in Amazon (updated)

Drives From the company At the lowest price to date and also a ticket GTX 1080 for a total price of less than ILS 2,000 is something that might interest you? The details are inside

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A new day comes, and with it, more invitations to purchase upgraded hardware products for your system at exceptional prices - courtesy of the online stores of Of course.

For those of you who want to drive In a generous volume of terabytes - Blu - ray drives Dropped to their lowest price level and to any reputable brand with 140 as the base for both the standard 2.5 configuration on the SATA interface and the tiny M.2 configuration.

The SATA model You can get up to your home at the price of $ 175, which is approximately NIS 640 (Update: return to stock now), Whereas The M.2 model Will come to you including VAT plus shipping at the price of 172.44 USD - 630 New Shekels (Update: It seems that the inventory of this model has run out for now and the price has risen - but we hope that the low cost will return soon).

Drives Modern in terabyte volume at a price below $ 150 This is definitely an interesting line

For those who need a new advanced graphics card, especially for small Mini-ITX systems - Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1080 Mini Sold with the lowest price tag so far, with $ 545 including shipping and VAT, approximately NIS 1,990 for a product that is supposed to provide gaming capabilities that are definitely worth both QHD resolutions and resolutions .

It's definitely not the most powerful GTX 1080 on the market - but it's the cheapest and one of the most compact

is also Processor Threadripper 1920X, With 12 processing cores, dropped to a level we have not yet seen - 396 dollars only, or 503 dollars including VAT and shipping, which are about NIS 1,840 and are cheaper than Intel's eight core processors, for example. Threadripper Model 1950X With 16 processing cores available also is a relatively great cost of 856 dollars, all-inclusive-all.

In conclusion, it is worth mentioning The Radeon RX 580 model from Asus, With 4GB 's , Which continues to be sold at a very high price of 231.68 dollars including VAT and shipping - about 850 only new shekels in direct conversion.

Have you found other equal deals on the net? Let's share with everyone in comments.


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