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The great kabak we hoped would be revealed soon?

Will Intel finally return to consumers the ability to choose an interim processor adapted for independent speed?

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Core i3-7350K. Remember this model name - because it may soon be revealed as the festive return of the overclocking capability to the mainstream market.

If you believe an inventory posted on an online vendor's website called ShopBLT, Intel plans to introduce a dual processor New generation The current, which will offer impressive basic work frequencies - plus an upward frequency multiplier that will allow users to bring work speeds even higher on their own and in accordance with the cooling system available to them.

The new list reveals the names of the models and their potential prices
The new list reveals the names of the models and their potential prices

In recent years, with the exception of one specific and specific case, Provides only open multiples for two different models in each of its standard generation products, designed for the medium-high and above market - a processor i5 quad-core and single processor i7 quad-core with one HyperThreading technology, at prices of about $ 240 and more and 340 dollars respectively. It was not inexplicably expensive, but parallel also did not suit all consumers. God- The new i3-7350K, with a base frequency of 4GHz and a maximum turbo frequency from the 4.2GHz box, which may carry a recommended price tag of about $ 180, will be a very interesting solution for the same group of advanced consumers who want to create the cheapest system possible.

Can we see a return to the days of the merry Conroe and the Allendale, where processors with a little more than 100 dollars could reach the performance of dual-speed models? We hold our fingers
Do we look back to the merry days of Conroe and Allendale? A little more than 100 dollars could get through For dual-model performance? We hold our fingers

At Intel two years ago, they launched the company The unique Pentium G3258 model, Which was a strange bird and included an open frequency product at a price tag of only $ 72, as its estimate for those days when the haste was intended for all price levels. This processor was popularly popular, but ultimately had limited potential for many applications because it was based on two physical cores only and without HyperThreading technology for virtualization. God- The intended i3-7350K will be significantly expensive, but with a very high frequency physical core pair and also HyperThreading support can enjoy significantly better performance - and also relevant to the graphics and gaming world.

In applications that support HyperThreading, i3-7350K will have the potential to provide very similar and even similar capabilities to the X- i5-7600K quad core, designed to carry a higher price tag about 70 dollars

This all sounds promising and intriguing, and now we have only to wait patiently, hoping that the information is accurate and reliable - and also hope that the generation's processors The new one could offer significant potential for further acceleration, one that would make the K processors a great advantage over their open-ended counterparts, and not just an expensive way to squeeze another 10 percent of the performance from the factory. We will keep track of all the details.

Is the upcoming competition from AMD's first generation of Zen processors, which will offer the ability to accelerate at all price levels, the one that brought Intel to change its approach? We'll see
Is the upcoming competition from the first generation of Zen processors , Which will offer the ability to accelerate at all levels of prices, is what brought To change access? We'll see


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  1. "Comeback" at $ 177 And ​​let us not forget that we will probably need a Z170 or Z270 motherboard so that a budget gamer is better off taking a simpler motherboard and processor i5.
    I would say wait for ZEN because their HIGH END processor will cost only $ 300 and there are two smaller siblings that will be priced lower. And the multiplication of all the following AMD processors is open and everyone will probably have the simultaneous multithreading technology

    1. For more than 10 years, we have been waiting and every time we are disappointed again.
      The problem of amd that they pour money on PR instead of chip engineers so that eventually the bluff explodes in their face and the truth is revealed in independent performance tests… ..

    2. Add to that the need to buy a motherboard once and from where you can switch processors when you want ... am4?

      1. Do not forget to add that if you invest in a good quality motherboard and overclocking then it will always be possible with their processors as well, for everyone the Patriarch is open :)

  2. Completely unnecessary, suitable only for hustlers among us.
    To make the rush, you will probably need a chipset-based board that will probably cost around NIS 500 ~ 600 (and I refer to the baseboards, better ones will be more expensive respectively) and a good heat sink that goes up in the 200 ~ 300 reasons - Considering these costs, you can understand that the average gamer is better off taking an i5 processor with a basic motherboard.

  3. I am in favor of the competition but if Xenum's promises are true (the stock has some stuff in it) then 240 to 4 cores (lol to 8) won't help they are just stressed out but it's my opinion

  4. a question:
    I had Conroe and Allendale and then SANDY and DEVIL_C.
    Conroe and the Allendale I only had a double (without HT).
    The question is this:
    True, the frequency is the same frequency, but the dual core doesn't really compare to the square ... right?
    Today I also come across double hearted ones, those of the 1.6 or 1.8GZ I really dislike (simply because they are slow).
    And there are the core duplicates of 3GHZ that while their speed feels wonderful when trying them after the 1.8GHZ, but compared to the quad core quadruple speed 3GHZ… ..the square is just another league.

  5. Since I left 7 940 I have not built a system from the chassis or above. Enthoo pro On his way from the US to me Part 1 on the list What fun is it all vibrating?

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