Quickly before it's finished: External 4 terabyte hard drive at a funny price (updated)

The original article: A very big reduction makes it possible to get my company's My Passport model Less than 250 shekels

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The popularity of mechanical drives has been shrinking steadily for years, alongside the gradual decline in the price of high- But the old school continues to be relevant in spite of everything when the price is competitive enough - and that's exactly what happens at those times in the American Amazon.

Western Digital's My Passport Portable is the largest black and volume 4 terabyte Has dropped to a significantly lower price than the Israeli VAT exemption - 64.17 includes shipping to the house, which is only NIS 235 for a model that holds an average of 4.1 scores from the 5 in the online store. External products of similar volume are sold in Israel over NIS 500 (!), Regardless of the specific manufacturer or model, so this is a particularly great benefit.

Need a big backup? Do not miss this opportunity

Multiple drive models Other WD's that have been offered at short-term floor prices have already returned to their original price levels, so it's impossible to know how long we'll see the current offer actually available - we encourage you to consider and take advantage of it as quickly as possible. Shopping is pleasant!

updating: It seems that the deal on this drive has also ended - and we hope you have managed to get yourself one (or a few) in time. We will continue to monitor developments, and of course we will update you if today's operations make a surprising comeback.