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R9 290X Exposed: The King is naked and has nothing to hide

The V-R9-290X In the design of a company's reference HIS Has been dismantled into pieces and revealed what happens under the hood of the video card leading from the new series of AMD.
As you can see in the picture, you can see that the printed circuit board is very similar to that Which we first saw on the sample video card HD 7970, Which is not particularly encouraging given the fact that this is a new core that is almost two years old and particularly powerful.

On the printed circle in the center lies the new "Made in Hawaii" core AMD Which contains 7.08 billion transistors, as we have seen in images that emerged last month and the board contains 16 chips GDDR5 In particular, 5 is designed for memory chips and 1 is designed for the power controller.

From an in-depth look at the printed board, it's hard to understand how such a video card is going to deal with an estimated consumption of about 300 watts over time, since the capacity and stability is a bit disappointing for the monster, we know that a graphics card that emits so much heat with an inferior printed circuit will just die Quickly, as examples from the past you can take the old graphics cards HD 2900 X1950 XT, Who lost their lives due to such inadequate planning.

Remember, this is just a version of Reference that, as we know, will take up a small market share, in light of the fact that they were released immediately after versions with third party tweaks and upgraded and more refined circles, making this version too irrelevant.

Now also in discussionChinese Hardware Forum ChipHell Revealed version Of the monstrous video card:

There are also benchmarks developed and discussed in the test value 11, where there was greater graphic strength than GTX 780. Between the power of GTX 780 and the GTX .

So, do we expect a bestseller here? Share your comments!


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  1. The PCB is not exactly similar
    There is little resemblance to this voltage system, but it is impossible to say that the PCB is similar.

    By the way, the tests so far are in the same 7970 power zone so it doesn't really need a more massive high voltage system than it.

  2. Another crucible on the way?
    At least according to the review, AMD seems to have opened another melting pot on the above card to get around NVIDIA and still the performance beats presented don't seem convincing - and the price, really !! No !!

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