Performance leap: Radeon RX 5700 is getting closer to its big brother thanks to BIOS • HWzone replacement
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Performance leap: Radeon RX 5700 is getting closer to its big brother thanks to BIOS replacement

A new guide details how to get a significant performance boost for the popular graphics card from home - and get close to touching distance from the RX 5700 XT

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Various graphics cards based on the same hardware core spark the imagination of advanced users, hoping that a basic model can instantly become a more powerful and advanced model with the replacement of its firmware base, as the hardware already exists to some extent. This hope also existed for the Radeon RX 5700 , Which shares its Navi 10 core with the RX 5700 XT of course - and now the dream is becoming a reality with a detailed guide documenting the process and the significant extra performance it can provide with surprising ease.

according to The Techpowerup site directory, Re-burning the BIOS to the RX 5700 XT version to give access to more advanced frequency curves (with higher operating speeds, but without the opening of additional processing units) is possible in almost any model RX 5700 and with fairly basic technical knowledge - and the resulting result is an average of 7 percent on average over dozens of recent gaming titles. It's an added aspiration Conventional tools for the RX 5700 will fail to deliver, with even some of the RX 5700's dedicated and prestigious models failing to deliver such an improvement.

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Enhance the power envelope available for the card to the maximum available through the interface of Allows to increase performance even further, so it's about 9 or 10 percent above the base frequencies of the RX 5700 - and only a few percent away from the base performance of the RX 5700 XT, which is priced as a reminder with an extra 50 dollars relative to its little brother. This is a plus here Handsome and substantial that makes the RX 5700 even more lucrative than usual, all without the need for any additional financial investment.

Anyone want an 350 dollar video card with Of tickets sold at 400 dollars and even 450 dollars? Apparently this is possible
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The recommendation is of course to re-burn Your personal graphics card is about the personal and exclusive responsibility of each consumer - but surely this is fascinating information that can be used by quite a few consumers in choosing the graphics card that gives them the ultimate cost-benefit ratio.

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