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Gigabyte Radeon RX 5700 XT Card with Massive Cooling - at an Unprecedented Price

Original Article: Offers a small discount for the Taiwanese manufacturer's latest Windforce card - making it especially affordable for everyone

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Very few Radeon RX 5700 XT models that offer enhanced dedicated cooling, rather than the default design of , Are available for purchase at the official recommended price of the product, 400 USD - but there is one that fits the description and is currently waiting for Amazon to be interested.

Version OC of Gigabyte Company, with Windforce 3X Recognized Triangle, Easy for basic and maximum core working frequencies, three ports 1.4 full-size, port Full size 2.0b, programmable color-coded enlightenment logo and rear metal diffuser for heat dissipation and strengthening of the overall mechanical structure - now offered at $ 499.51 price including VAT and shipping to your home. About NIS 1,765 includes a conversion fee of one percent of the transaction value, compared to prices Of over NIS 2,100 available for the same model in stores in Israel.

Some of the initial reviews for this model are not very flattering, but from the available information, a recent firmware update fixes the major technical issues - making the model very lucrative at the current price tag.

The best deal so far for the most powerful video card of In the Navi era? Welcome to judge for yourself

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updating: The temporary operation of Offering free shipping to Israel lowers 19 dollars from the final price of this video card - so you can get it now for 480.47 dollars, or a little less than NIS 1,700.


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  1. The translation into the shekel price is right .. in dollars it is 399.99 $ as listed on Amazon.
    But what is a dollar more 100 less

    1. The price * includes * VAT and shipping increment, which is an addition to the base price listed on the product page, is $ 499.51.

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