Radical design meets fine sound: the Blue Lola headset in HWzone Review
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Radical design meets fine sound: the Blue Lola headset in criticism

Looking for Unique and high quality that will not open too large a hole in your pocket? Blue's Lola may wink exactly at you

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Headphones are an important and loved product for any music lover, so when people are looking for a new pair of headphones one of the first things they look at is the brand. Popular brands like Sennheiser, AKG, They are usually the preferred choice because they are very well known and many people associate a brand with quality.

Because the big earphone companies produce Pretty good does not mean that every couple Their is excellent. There are many small manufacturers that offer at times Are at a lower price than their large competitors. This is why you should also consider less-known companies before making a purchase. Today we will review From a nice little company called Blue.

Blue's first headphones, the Mo-Fi, were undoubtedly among the most unusual headphones the market saw. Integration of integrated built-in amplifier Made them perfect for nurturing power-hungry sources such as smart phones and tablets, but their price and weight, along with an unusual design that did not suit every single person, hurt their success.

Many critics who have complained about these problems have probably seeped into the heads of the company and so now Blue is also offering a cheaper and lighter turnover called Lola, which we will review today.


Identity Card - Blue Mo-Fi

  • Headphones Type: Arch
  • Audio element size: 50 mm
  • Resistance: 42Ohm
  • Frequency response range: 15Hz-20kHz
  • Sensitivity: 108 ± 2dB
  • Cable length: 1.2 meters (removable with remote control) plus standard 3 cable
  • Microphone: Included in the cable
  • Weight: 397 g
  • Price: 250 dollars




The headphones come in a large box with a square Product and the main features. After opening the box we are presented with a kind of black velvet stand on which the headphones are placed.


Underneath the stand you can find a case for storing the headphones, a cable with a remote control, a standard cable, an 6.5 adapter, an information booklet and instructions.


Headphones - the appearance and quality of construction

You probably never saw a pair of headphones like the Lola unless you saw the MoFi. The design looks as though it has been left behind by my films Fiction and racing cars.


The earphones are made of high quality materials - the overall structure is made of aluminum, the ear cushions and the head arch are made of high quality leather material and the flat cables are made of soft and flexible rubber.


Unlike the MoFi (which comes with only one color), the Lola comes with a two-color option - black and white. The whites look completely white with touches of black, while the blacks look exactly like the gray MoFi except the black headset.


A system with axial 6 enables both portrait and landscape customization and thus adapts to the user's head easily and quickly. The oval ear cushions fit around the ear accurately, and apart from improved comfort, they also help to filter fairly well outside noise.


Despite the weight of 397 grams, I can attest that the Lola is more comfortable than the MoFi. The Lola is lighter, less stressful and the ear cushions are more stable on the head.


Like the MoFi, the Lola can not fold into a smaller shape which makes them at least suitable for traveling on the road. At least there is a holster that holds them securely.

The sign

Inside the square box that we opened first are two flat, smooth rubber cables. One with an aluminum sign and microphone and the other is standard. The sign works only on appliances While in Android you can only use the Play / Pause button. Unlike the MoFi, the connection at the end of the headset is normal and does not have an elongated tip. This means that if the cable is torn it can be replaced by a standard cable and not by a special cable that only Blue produces.


Listening tests - music

Now we will check the sound signature of the headphones in the music and so will know whether they are True audiophilia. In order to test this, a test drive must be performed in a variety of songs of all types.

Our performance test will include the albums:

Kanye_West_albums Daft_Punk_albums Beethoven_albums RHCP_albums

At the end of the day, the main characteristic which crowns The best is sound quality. In this sense, Lola has the right tool for work - an 50-size audio object with a resistance of 42 um.This headset produces a clean, quality audio experience, according to Blue, Lola has a slightly different structure than the Mofi A more flat frequency response, which means that what sounds will be more faithful to the source.

In most of today's fashionable headphones the bass is very bold and darkens the rest of the instruments, but in the case of the Lola it does not happen. In the Kanye West album, the bass was balanced along with the rest of the instruments. The classic album gave a sense of space, the orchestra sounded real as if it had appeared in front of me. The high frequencies were a little too bright but not to the extent that interfered with the experience.

In the album Daft Punk's low bass seemed great, no distortion at all. The drums were tight and the synthesizer was precise and clean. In the RHCP album, each detail can be heard in a clean and balanced manner. From the slide of the hand on the acoustic guitar to the easiest touch on the drum and the lifeguard.

Use of games

The Lola focuses primarily on the musical experience, and as a result, they provide a very good gaming experience. The games sounded realistic and gave a feeling of space and depth in every scene. In busy stages one could see that the headphones were coping well with the separation of the elements and each sound sounded clear and clear. In addition, thanks to the closed structure of the gamer headphones can be isolated from outside sounds around him and be more concentrated in the game.


Blue is basically a company for high-quality microphones. So, to our delight, the microphone met expectations and gave a fairly good audio quality despite its small size. In Skype and phone calls the other side testified that he had heard me clearly and clearly.

The Bottom Line


It's hard not to compare the Lola to the MoFi and I think it's necessary because the buyer will probably have this dilemma. You can say that Blue learned a lot from MoFi and implemented the changes well. The Lola is more comfortable on the head and less pressing on the ears, audio quality is very similar to MoFi and the price is significantly lower. On the other hand, Lola does not have the built-in amplifier that we liked so much, and even though Lola has lost weight, it's still not significant enough.

Thanks to the price tag of 250, which is lower in 100 than the MoFi, the headset is definitely entering a more convenient and competitive price range. The design is not standard and will not suit everyone, but in my opinion it's exactly what gives them uniqueness. If you want to get out of the herd but do not compromise on quality I recommend you try the Lola.

the good

  • Excellent audio quality
  • The bass is accurate
  • Excellent building quality
  • Remote control and microphone

The bad

  • Not easy
  • A controversial sight
  • Not ideal for mobility


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  1. Not a bad review overall, but do not understand the comparison to one specific model all the time, why not compare to well-known companies / models like Bits for example?
    Who knows the excise already? I hear about them for the first time, indeed it sounds bad in itself but without a source of vain this review is unfortunately not worth much.

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