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Razer's Gaming Headphones at Great Prices - Now on Amazon

Original article: Haven't found your new headphones yet? We are here with some more interesting suggestions

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Yesterday we brought you Some great suggestions for gaming headsets, wired and wireless, At tens of percentages and hundreds of shekels lower in some cases than those in stores in Israel - and now according to demand we will continue the list, with a number of models running from home Renowned.

The company's standard wired Kraken model, updated for 2019, with PC compatibility of course but also for consoles , And Nintendo, sold for $ 59.99 without the need for any additions to its common phosphorous green tint, as well as milder and more distinctive white and pink tones (the black model actually required plus shipping, for some reason). This is the price of NIS 210 including home delivery - compared to NIS 300 or higher that you will have to pay for here in Israel.

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Bluetooth headphones Enjoying Amazon's highest user scores compared to the rest of the company's models - cutting at least 30 percent from the Israeli price

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Kraken Tournament Edition Enhanced Wire Model, with Aluminum Shell, Built-in Microphone that Can Push Into the Product Body When Not Required for Use, THX Spatial Audio Support, and the addition of a DAC External DAC Unit - Sold for $ 74.99 for Black , Without the need for extras. The price of a little less than NIS 265 for a model that is priced at NIS 340 and more in this country is definitely a quality deal for us.

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Don't trust the audio hardware in your system and prefer a dedicated external unit to power the headphones? Now you have a rare opportunity to enjoy it for less than NIS 300

For dessert, the company's latest wired Kraken X model, which claims to be the lightest in the category with a weight of only 250 grams, including its built-in cardioid microphone (and without giving up Dolby's 7.1 audio support), is available at the "magic price" of 49.99 dollars - So it will cost shoppers from Israel only NIS 175, without the need for shipping or VAT: a discount of NIS XNUM at least compared to the prices at local stores starting from NIS 50.

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Tired of using too large and heavy headphones over time? This may be the solution for you

Did you find any other good models that we missed? Let's share with the other surfers in the comments.

updating: A few more models from popular manufacturers at prices you should know.

The brand's popular wired Cloud Pro model Kingston House with a frame made of aluminum and black and silver tones is sold for $ 70.99, or NIS 250.

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SteelSeries Wired Arctis 1 Model Designed for PCs and Nintendo Modern Consoles, And Sony is available for only 49.99 dollars, which are NIS 175 versus NIS 265 or higher in the local landscape.

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A massive black-tinted Atlas One model from Turtle Beach for personal computers is also available at a minimum price - $ 49.95, or NIS 175 for value including an expected conversion fee.

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Popular and successful gaming headphones from the brand's Cloud II , In two different shades to your preference, are now available below the VAT exemption threshold - $ 69.99 includes shipping to the country, which is NIS 245 in value versus NIS 320 and more to the same model in the country.

Click here to go to the Amazon product page - black and red

Click here to go to the Amazon product page - Black and Silver


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  2. The debate opens on Sunday and we on Thursday, take into account that prices are changing on Amazon on a daily basis so maybe now is the price you see but on Sunday the price listed in the article was accurate. It has not yet happened that I saw that they posted incorrect prices here on some offer.

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