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Ready for 16 Cores: Introducing Motherboard Asus Crosshair VIII Hero X570

Meet one of the most advanced motherboards manufactured by the company Ever

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The month of July marks one of the most important periods in the history of the processor manufacturer . This period symbolizes the launch of a platform New along with the launch of New at the same time - all based on innovative production lithography.

AMD wants to take part in the world of stationary computers this year and one of the ways to do this (besides launching Of course) is to ensure that there will also be advanced products for the gamer and the overclocker. Such a product is the company's Crosshair VIII Hero WiFi motherboard .

Those of you who know the world of motherboards for residency Apparently we know that this is an advanced motherboard that continues a tradition of excellence for the same resident of AM4. The Crosshair VII Hero launched last year is considered one of the recommended motherboards, if not the most advanced and recommended, for overclocking for processors .

The Crosshair VIII (8) Hero WiFi is a motherboard based on the new X570 chip set of And is actually the first to introduce PCI-Express 4.0 support. The interface doubles the speed of the theoretical traffic over its predecessor, which has dominated the market for about six years already. It is in configuration Standard will fit most commonly used computer cases today.

From an aesthetic point of view, Gone on an industrial-space mirror with dark colors and brushed aluminum.

The chipset receives its own cooling system and also a small fan that comes into operation when the working temperature rises. In addition, there are two cooling elements that will remove the two M.2 interfaces that the motherboard supports. Of course, this interface also has full support for PCI-Express 4.0 and drives Whose supporters are expected to be available to the masses this month.

The highlighter for the overclocker is the processor's power supply system, which is built from 16 stages, with 14 designed for processing cores and 2 for ports or graphics cores, if any. The power controller model is IR35201 and the IR3555M power converters have 60A power capability. In short - this system has no problem even dealing with the formidable 16 core processor that is expected to come out late summer Ryzen 9 3950X . piece of cake.

Among the troubleshooting tools available to the user are power and resistant buttons, multi-meter voltage readings, system backup and restore, and a digit display displaying faults and operating procedures in accordance with the instruction manual.

Also at the bottom of the board are useful tools such as a secure login button for incoming calls under default settings without overriding personal settings, a settings attempt button once there is a system failure, and a liquid nitrogen jammer that enables the user to use dangerous operating voltage for the processor Want to take the processor to the extras used Such as liquid nitrogen.

Of course there are many dozens of special features for this motherboard, but what is important to know is that it mostly fulfills its purpose in the best budget. The budget is about $ 380 only, and there is also a built-in WiFi version for 30 for less dollars. True, this is the new 6 AX WiFi (Yes…) And such a feature in my opinion is definitely worth an extra 30 dollars.

Later in the month, we will bring you a deeper review along with the actual performance of this motherboard as part of the process of dealing with Different and bios settings. Stay tuned!

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