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Non-stop leaks: Get to know the first Radeon RX 5600 XT models

Latest graphics cards from MSI, and- Leaking to the Web - Shortly before the official announcement is made

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In less than a day, the official media event will begin At the big CES 2020 exhibition - along with an upcoming launch of fourth-generation mobile Ryzen processors and new details about Zen 3 architecture, we should also get intriguing mid-card details called RX 5600 XT which will put pressure on the models GTX 1660 Ti in the market which stands out at price levels below $ 300.

Until the official announcement arrives - you can enjoy the details and visuals provided by some of our partners , Who are probably having a little trouble hiding their excitement from the auspicious event.

MSI will also offer its MECH models for the RX 5600 XT, with Dual Selling Fans and Base Version None Plus the OC version with Modest to the graphical core (less than 5 percent) - both with the same external appearance. It is likely that these will be the cheapest models from the Taiwanese manufacturer for the fresh ticket, with the potential for more agile and advanced units to be launched later.

Not interested in investing in an extra salary for designers - and will continue with its well-known line
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XFX will continue to expand its young THICC brand with a display that will answer the THICC II Pro and offer a black matte finish with a pair of fans and its own little rush. We will keep our fingers crossed that previous complaints about the quality and reliability of the manufacturer's cooling solutions have been taken into account and fixed for the launch.

A chubby card with improvements and goodies under the hood?

For dessert, ASRock will offer a massive triple cooling Phantom Gaming model for the RX 5600 XT - with the highest frequency of the four models leaked, which will add up to 13.5 percent (in Game Boost mode) over the estimated default frequencies we heard and told you the other day.

This model from home Seems to be the most advanced and elaborate for the time being - let's hope it has proper competition for the crown after the official announcement

All exposed models confirm that The RX 5600 XT will offer the same 2,304 rdna processing units that also have RX 5700 - but along with controller and volume Reduced graphs and truncated frequencies. However, it seems likely that the RX 5600 XT is actually based on the core 12 and not on the core 10 Like his older brothers, there may be other minor material differences here that have not yet been fully revealed.

Also worth mentioning is the Challenger model from a company - It was the one who provided us with the first technical data about the RX 5600 XT as a leaf on the official company website last week

Expect more information very soon!


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