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HWzone Recommended Specifications - January Update

Our recommended computers section was updated for January. Looking for a computer? We are here to help

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For those not yet familiar, the "Recommended Computers" section is a repository of 28 computer specifications carefully constructed by the site's experts, divided into eight different common categories within a broad budget range. The database is updated according to changes in the Israeli market with average prices, so that it is always updated.

These computers include excellent hardware that has been carefully selected with an emphasis on quality and reliability, which are designed to give recommendations for different hardware configurations according to personal requirements. Also, the hardware is chosen according to its frequency in stores in Israel - so the chance that a certain part or replacement will not be in the store where you want to buy the computer is low.

In this section you can filter the specifications according to the category and price range you want. Specifications were divided into the following categories:

  • Gaming - balanced computers for killing as many games as possible.
  • Maximum gaming, minimum price - cheap computers with emphasis on gaming only.
  • Office or home - basic but superb computers for home / office use.
  • Home Theater (HTPC) - Computers with a chassis lying for primarily media playback.
  • Multipurpose - Computers for general and diverse uses, compatible with most of the various programs.
  • 2D - Computers for graphic editors using two-dimensional software.
  • 3D - Computers for graphic editors using 3D software.
  • Video - Computers for graphic editors who use editing software And effects.

In order to save you time and headache, we included in every computer a possibility to request a quote from a variety of computer stores in Israel, so that in order to save there is no need even to get up from the computer.

We want to remind you that the specifications are general and suitable for the general public. However, due to the endless possibilities available in the market, it is possible that for computers with special and non-standard requirements,Computer specifications"Our custom specification recommendations will suit your specific requirements more accurately.

Beyond this system, we give you all the tools to get the maximum savings here In our forum. Apply From finding the computer value Your current name for sale pays off, through Train Guide and Computer Specs And a professional team to help you with any questions.

In this update, the recommended specification pool has been updated globally.

We hope you find this section very helpful. For any question, request or comment - we have opened for you A dedicated discussion on this subject, So we would be very happy if you shared with us.

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