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Red and Furious: AMD plans to launch Threadripper 2000 with Ferrari

Is the best platform to launch the next generation of processors? The second is on the home track of one of the most sought after vehicle manufacturers? It certainly sounds like a refreshing change

After a hint of very competitive pricing from its impressive core 32 processor - we also get thick hints at the unusual timing and stage where we can get the full technical details, and price verification, of the 2000.

AMD began this year as one of the supporters of another Red Color affiliate group - Ferrari's 1 Formula Racing Group, whose cars are proudly displayed by the logo maker in a good spot in the middle between Kaspersky and the flagship company Shell. As part of this partnership, it seems that Plans to launch its new Maranello products, Ferrari's renowned racing track and trials in Italy - in the final days of the current month.

Red on red, with a lot of power under the hood

This may be a marketing gimmick, Gain credit with a new and wider audience than ever before, and perhaps also help to give a more prestigious flavor to the 2000 to justify the price tags - which will still be high in terms of the processor world, even in a situation where the relative price for the kernel will be quite reasonable.

How will a processor launch in conjunction with a racing car manufacturer and its home turf? Soon we'll know, for the first time

However, we have a new goal to wait eagerly for now, as a starting point for the planned launch of To my employees Orphaned and new-generation HEDT processors - so boring won't be here.


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  1. Is there any chance that they will also release a more expensive X499 board that will also include 8 memory channels ?, Overseas forums have claimed it will hurt EPYC but I don't see the price of the 32 cores version in EPYC being only about $ 2000, which means it will be very close to TR2 As with Intel's XEON 32 processor over $ 28, the gap between server and home processors is not really high at AMD, as is EPYC moving to 10000 nm and offering a much more advanced package.

    On the other hand, HEDT TR2 32C with 8 Racing Memory, ECC and 64 PCIE Racing will finally slaughter Intel's X299 platform.

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