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Relentless: AMD confirms Threadripper 3990X with 64 processing cores

While the fresh reviews for the 9 3950X and the processors 3960X and 3970X commemorate the huge leap in cost-benefit ratios developed by the chip developer - we are confirmed that the best and most powerful yet ahead of us

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Less than half a decade ago home processors with more than ten cores in them were a distant fantasy - but today they are already a sane, sensible and even sought-after solution for a rapidly growing number of users. thanks to- We can now also consider 20 cores and more on home computers, 30 cores and more - and starting next year also 64 cores that work together on the PC.

AMD has utilized the The official launch of its first-generation Threadripper models, The 3960X with 24 cores and the 3970X with 32 cores (which have received very positive reviews from most sources on the network, thanks to a significant number of professional applications capable of supporting and leveraging this added processing power to boost results over Intel's competing HEDT processors) , To verify the rumors of the existence of one more model at least - the top 3990X Threadripper, with 64 Zen 2 physical cores and 128 logical processing capability, which will reach The sTRX4 resident And the home market during 2020 year.

The reviews are glorifying, Despite Intel's massive and welcome cut in Cascade Lake-X generation - and She hasn't said her last word yet, as expected

We do not yet know the price of this formidable product (recommended price of 2,000 dollars for the Threadripper 3970X probably indicates a cost of close to 4,000 dollars, and maybe more) and do not know what its operating frequencies will be - but at Declare it will contain volume Incredible 288 megabytes of cache from L2 and L3 levels, and 280 watt power casing, just like its more modest brother.

We first heard evidence that Preparing to launch 3990X in January 2020 - but that date may be slightly delayed to allow the models Current ones to enjoy a bit more of the spotlight (and sales)

When will Intel have a direct answer to these monstrous data at the top of the home market? This is a particularly interesting question that we do not have an answer or even an assessment of at this time - and this is something that indicates the impressive technology gap it has managed To create for herself thanks to her wise moves in recent years.

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