Remove the juice from Maskilike with the XPA Z1 memory of the Hibernate ADATA

Remove the juice from Cascillix with the XPATA Z1 memory of ADATA


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Memories of The new Will allow you to get the best performance from Intel's new generation of processors

ADATA has a number of intriguing areas of interest, but it does not forget its roots - and is launching a new and advanced DRAM memory product line in the DDR4 standard, which goes into high gear with the official launch of Core 6 processors של .

What was previously reserved only for the Extreme Performance and Server Market is now becoming the new mainstream in the market - the DDR4 standard provides effective working speeds up to twice as high as those of the generation., Using low working voltages up to 25 percent, allowing for cooler work, compactness, power consumption and, of course, potential improved.


The new ADX XPG Z1 line is specifically created for the Skylake Generation Dual Channel DDR4 (30), 15 / s and 15MT / s, total volumes of 2,133GB to 3,333GB and timings ranging from CL8 to 32, CL13.


The XPX Z1 memories of ADATA You can find the stores 'Ivory'.

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  1. "The ADATA XPG Z1 Memories can be found on the Ivory stores network" at a crazy price by 2 from overseas.

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