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New and also marching to the next generation: AMD is preparing for war in the graphic processing world

The latest chip developer plans for 2020, it seems, include an update for its popular intermediate models - and the launch of high-end market models based on upgraded RDNA2 architecture

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AMD is in an impressive momentum after another excellent financial report for the last quarter of 2019 (and for the entire year), breaking its stock record and various market shares that all estimates are on the rise - so it is natural to be interested and even excited about any new product information we may encounter In the near future, with the potential to become significant hits in their field.

According to comments from CEO Lisa Soo on her own, the plans for the current year in the graphics processing industry appear to be twofold - with the launch of "refreshed" versions of the now familiar Navi models, similar to the generation RX 500 which renewed the Polaris products with Slightly increased and more competitive prices.

More models On the way - and there is a possibility that we will see a combination of first generation RDNA architecture with its improved second generation

In the high market, with price levels of $ 400 and above, our chances of seeing new entrances are growing at the outset based on 7-second-generation cores - with updated and improved RDNA2 architecture. We do not yet know what timing this will happen, but there is no bad chance that You will find yourself competing directly not in RTX 2070 Super and on 2080 Super, but their heirs from the era of The future is also intended to be based on 7 nm lithography with a significant upgrade in capabilities and performance.

Record more and more commercial successes - and we hold our fingers that this momentum will be maintained in all categories

New player comes into the picture - Arcturus

While we are wondering about video cards for the home market - the network suddenly has evidence of a new model from the Radeon Instinct accelerator family of Into the realm of artificial intelligence, based on it New name: Arcturus.

This is not the first time we hear this model name in the context of , But now we also have monstrous technical features that come with it - the 7-inch Arcturus XL core can hold an apparent 32GB of HBM2 built-in fast up to 128 CU clusters for processing with 8,192 processing units (!), For performance Of 100TOPS (i.e. 100 trillion calculations per second) for common INT8 data in the field.

Are we exposed to the code name that will replace Navi, or is it perhaps a pivot Alternate and separate?

Not sure the Arcturus cores and the architecture on which they are based are also intended for home market products, AMD may be following And will separate the graphical processing cores into non-visual computational speeds - but this is at the very least proof of the company's high-tech capabilities that seemingly give us hope that we can see similar terrific applications in their products as well For gamers and content creators below.

Models New Instinct on the way - We will continue to follow and update

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