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Returning to the game: Plextor will expose an advanced SSD drive

The Taiwanese manufacturer Lite-On is preparing to launch the M8PE drive, with a PCI-Express 3.0 interface, controller And a promise of impressive performance

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after Some very good years Where its products were often mentioned in the same breath as those of Samsung and Crucial, the year of 2015 was surprisingly quiet for Plextor, Which is the storage brand of Lite-On, which comes from a notebook The old Japanese.

After she was one of the first to provide SSD drive based on the latest M.2 standard (PCI-Express standard, instead of traditional SATA), the latest reports say that Plextor will unveil its next generation CES 2016 exhibition - the M8Pe drive, which will be the official successor To M6e And the M7e that was designed but also shelved before it was actually launched.

The M7e didn't end up coming, but not bad - he now has an heiress that sounds even more impressive Source:

The M8PE will be based on the PCI-Express 3.0 interface on 4 channels, probably in a configuration similar to that of the SSN's 750 , With a controller (of Marvell?) And flash chips that support the " Dedicated and guaranteed performance of up to 270,000IOPS in random reading, and up to 150,000IOPS in random writing, along with continuous speeds that probably exceed the 2 Gbps threshold.

The new M8PE drive

If the M8PE could also provide a more competitive price tag than Samsung's 951 Pro and 750's , We can finally get a significant competition in the new high-performance sector of the world- The consumer. We'll hold our fingers and continue to follow.

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