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Reporting: First details on the NVIDIA 7 nano-core processors coming soon

ליבות דור ה- העתידי של מפתחת השבבים עשויים להוות את ההפתעה הגדולה במסגרת כנס ה-GTC הראשון לשנת 2019

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NVIDIA's lead in the graphics processing world is clearer than ever, especially after the launch of the GeForce GTX 1660 Ti and GeForce GTX 1660 models that dismantled one of AMD's last remaining forts at the lower end of the category - but that doesn't necessarily mean it's going on vacation Now. as per Fresh reporting The site of Tweaktown may be that the next generation of developer is already in stages , And details of which we will receive in the coming days at the GPU Technology Conference in California.

We don't have a lot of technical details about the future Ampere cores, and there's a good chance we won't see them in practical products before 2020 - but after the surprising launch of Vega VII by AMD with the first 7 nanometer cores of its kind, it seems natural to expect That- Will be based on the same technology from the chip manufacturer In order to maintain technological leadership and provide itself with new and prestigious revenue streams.

Like most GTC events , The current contract in San Jose will also focus on advanced machine learning technologies and artificial intelligence - so presenting the future architecture for the field may be a logical and even demanding move

Will Ampere replace only the C- Of the HPC world, while another name architecture will be the one to inherit the HPC , Or will we see a return to a unified strategy for all existing products? We will continue to follow up and provide you with answers as soon as possible.

The chip developer stopped giving us public roadmaps more than two years ago - and since all we have left to do is rely on various rumors and prophecies in hopes of better understanding its next step

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