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Reports: AMD's new generation of graphics cards focuses on improving performance efficiency

Generation Cores The first chip developer is aiming for a big leap in performance per watt of invested energy

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We certainly hope that our level of expectations is not too high and will lead to disappointment, but in the meantime 2016 feels like a year of potential and positive turnaround in the hardware world as a whole, Led by AMD Finally Switch To modern manufacturing processes, with new architectures that will try to correct past mistakes.

On the CPU side, we already know that AMD's new Zen architecture will return to the traditional "processing" kernel structure and try to compete with Intel with a larger number of physical cores combined with a unified memory interface with the built-in graphics core,D. The GPU of the equation - according to which AMD are aiming for a major improvement Efficiency and performance.

It is not certain that doubling the efficiency of the graphics cores compared with the current situation, as AMD has stated in some of its road maps, is indeed feasible - although this depends mainly on the model against which the actual comparison is made
It is not certain that the efficiency of the graphics cores is doubling from the current situation, as stated In some of its road maps, it is indeed applicable - although it depends mainly on the model in front of it The actual comparison

This is something similar to what we saw in the Maxwell generation and the Maxwell 2.0 In recent days, the waiver of part of the hardware designed for double precision floating point calculations (FP64) has allowed for improved performance in lower power consumption and has given a great advantage (in terms of average home user) , Which is still preserved today.

AMD has seen a positive improvement in performance relative to power consumption in the new Fury models, in particular The impressive but expensive Fury Nano - and it seems that this trend will continue in the next generation Islands of the Year of 2016, as the move to cost-effective HBM memories only spurs this process.

HBM2 technology promises to leapfrog every imaginable parameter
Bluetooth technology Promises to provide a quantum leap in every conceivable parameter

It is still too early to jump to conclusions, but according to the general mood we will see more compact and cost-effective video cards in 2016, Relatively modest, cooler operating temperatures and possibly even potential Better than ever

Additional reporting Quotes Raja Quduri,, Declaring that in the year 2016 looks "two completely new GPU products based on the GCN architecture" - something that could probably be translated into its best form as a new pair of cores to be launched over the coming year Can be used for a variety of models, of course), as part of the E- Islands spoken.

The Fury Nano Zoom in to the level Of no less than 40GFLOPS / Watt, so any improvement above would be very impressive

Our estimate is that we will see some contraction in the supply of , With one new core for the high-end market (Fury products, Will decide to continue with this brand) and another new core for the mid-high market, alongside Or two more to the mid-low market that will continue with us the old 28-nano generations.

We will definitely be happy to see more efficient video cards from AMD - this will allow us to get more interesting competition in the world of compact computers (such as Steam Machines) and in the world of graphics processing on laptops. Toward .

NVIDIA also does not cancel - promising great improvements in 2016 as well
Also on NVIDIA They do not cancel - and promise Very large improvements In 2016 also are


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  1. Thanks Alex.
    I wanted to ask you about the new tickets.
    מה אחוז היעילות שלהם ביחס לאחרונים ביותר של AMD.. פי 2 או אולי 40 אחוזים ?
    I'm considering buying the FURY X, but I do not know if it's right to wait ..

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