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Reports: Xiyomi's first laptop will offer old hardware at a very good price

The Chinese meteorologist plans to expand on the world of laptops at the beginning of 2016, and may do so with unusual and unexpected combinations

Would you consider purchasing a From a Chinese manufacturer with no experience in the field? That's a question many people will have to wonder about soon, it seems, when rumors grow that rumors about Xiaomi's plans to jump on the market-, At a time when more and more veteran players are giving up or considering giving up.

According to the latest reports, the first Chinese manufacturer's laptop may be unveiled in April 2016, with a sleek and sleek 'UltraBuckie' design - mainly a rather old chip-based spec. i7, Full-resolution 15.6 screen, Memory Of 8GB, discrete video card sample GTX 760M and a free operating system based on one of the distributions Popularity.


So roughly might seem the first laptop ever to , But what's really interesting will probably happen inside, not outside, in this case

This specification might not knock any consumer into the boards because of its unprecedented power, but with a designated price tag of about 3,000 yuan or less, which means about $ 463 or NIS 1,800 alone - the whole business starts to make a lot more sense. Because, like the smartphone world, even in the world of laptops, you can imagine a situation where many consumers are willing to compromise on the latest and latest components, for a price that is 2 lower and even higher than those offered by competitors. Greatly so far in almost every category, so why not try it in the computer world, actually?

Other reports also mention the 12.5 and 13.3-inch models being prepared by the company, ostensibly in partnership with the Taiwanese companies that run production lines for Inventec and Compal computers, on the face of which these models may be even cheaper than the 15.6- Great. Will be interesting.


Chip 'Elderly' who might help my price offer to offer a price that is hard to refuse in this category as well

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