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Time to go: New fast SSDs on Micron's Crucial brand

Brand Micron's house wakes up in a coma and at the end of it will also offer competition at the high end of the modern storage

Drives Micron has enjoyed a very positive reputation among users over the years, although it seems that the company has never rushed to embrace modern trends or flood the market with a large number of similar products - to prove that we have seen only one model (in the home market) to date. From the company in the modern NVMe standard that accompanies us for several years, and only one model Quick which was introduced last year.

We are now gaining positive and even surprising news by announcing a pair of new NVMe models designed for different categories - the P2 which will be an interesting alternative to Seller P1 and P5 will demonstrate what the chip maker can do when it invests in its full resources.

Drives P2 will be offered in a highly competitive volume pair and price tags, not as a replacement for the P1 sellers but as an addition to them - when this time the focus is on chips 96-layer, XNUMX-layer TLC configuration, instead of configuration chips The more dense is considered less reliable and high quality.

First new models from home For 2020 - let's hope there are more interesting and competitive plans for the future

These drives can only be found at low volumes of 250GB or 500GB, without Built-in cache and no encryption support but with modest power consumption and recommended prices of $ 55 to 250 GB or $ 65 for 500GB - to our surprise, paper performance will be better in the lower-volume model: maximum 2,100MBps read speed, write speed Maximum of 1,150MBps and random read performance of 170,000IOPS read and 260,000 IOPS in 250 GB version, compared to read speeds of up to 2,300MBps, write speed of up to 940MBps and random performance of up to 95,000IOPS in read and up to 215,000IOPS in volume with 500

It will be interesting to see the capabilities of the drives Actual P2, compared to Intel's latest generation of 665p drives that chose to continue using QLC chips, unlike its storage chip partner - and also compared to the wonderful WD Blue SN550 drives which the public is new and challenging to store The budget.

In line for those who like you But constitutive soldiers who use QLC memories

Drives The P5 features far more impressive technical features, thanks to a controller Micron Self-Developing Fruit: You can find them with volumes between 250GB and 2TB with the same chips XNUMXD in TLC configuration, Dedicated cache that helps to ramp up random performance and support flooding with eDrive, Opal 2.0 and IEEE 1667 standards.

Elaborate drives on paper - meanwhile with no details on the intended price

All USB drives P5 will offer a five-year warranty with up to 0.3 write volume per complete drive volume (DWPD) during this period, along with a maximum continuous read speed of up to 3,400MBps, up to 3,000MBps maximum write speed (except for the basic 250 GB model that will provide fast writing Up to 1,400MBps) and random read performance of up to 500,000IOPS per read and up to 430,000IOPS in top-volume writing with the largest volume and price.

We do not yet know the official prices of the P5 drives, but we are likely to find them in stores in the near future - and get direct comparisons to advanced home-based models And others.

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