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Rumor: Windows 9 and 10 features have been leaked

Rumor: The technical specifications of the following two versions of the operating system have been leaked Which are to come out, version 9 and 10 windows.
Who does not like rumors? Moreover, everyone likes good rumors about versions of operating systems that will come out, they always bring a new fragrance of freshness and improvements. No version has yet been released Windows 8.1 And rumors are beginning to emerge.
According to a rumor that came through the software and hardware site WinBeta Which allegedly managed to obtain internal information against all odds on how we would expect Windows 9 and even 10 to show in the future, it has been argued that rumors have recently leaked about both versions.

The leaks came from a source called "WZOR" Which claims that 9 windows will be more similar in appearance to 7 windows than 8 windows. It also claims that the Windows desktop 9 will be similar to the desktop we are familiar with today and claimed that Microsoft will return the XNUMX interface,Aero The old back, more than that he did not want to expose.

He went on to claim that 10 can emerge in the form of a concept in the coming months and maybe even right this month, more than that he did not add on how you will see 10, let's not forget that this is just an unhappy rumor and should be treated right now accordingly.

What do you think of the rumor, whether Microsoft will return to the solid look of 7, how would you like to see the next operating system in the series?


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  1. The look is everything?
    What do I care about the look ?? ..
    What about the content, will the file management system improve? Nothing has changed lately,
    And copying a few files from one place to another ...

  2. I heard it would be like XP
    Yala will move forward.
    The end of the mouse and keyboard are inevitable.

  3. Of course .. odd operating system
    The logical transition is XP-> 7-> 9.
    Microsoft is concerned that spousal operating systems (vista = 6,8) are failing and the mismatch is successful.

  4. Windows in 128b
    For some time now there is talk of more advanced windows that you will run in 128b
    Here you deal with the outside appearance, and the changes will be inside

  5. Nonsense in the juice
    Not yet released 8.1 and already talking about 10? It's so far-fetched that I don't know how to relate to it. So much so that it lowers the credibility of the rumor, which was also unreliable in the first place
    Microsoft will not make a U-turn even if a (metaphorical) gun is attached to their heads. The next interface will not be similar to the Windows 7. Every sensible person knows

  6. For 1, as far as I know, copying files depends on the write / read speed of the drive
    And not really in the file system ..

  7. Repeat micro $ often
    If that's true - a pathetic plan to make money at our expense. Planning another version before the previous one came out.

  8. Windows of the future
    First of all it is important to note that everything will change according to the hardware that the future computers bring out .. Many options will open when something like 128 or more access bits reach the market, we are currently on 64 bits and this gives speed

    A good operating system is a system that allows you to stretch to the limit of the potential for hardware

  9. Going back - stunning
    So Windows 8.1 went back to the "Play" button, the rumors of Windows 9 coming back to look like Windows 7 with the "Euro" interface and other gadgets… interesting…
    What do we get at Windows 10? Back to XP? We might even get the stunning Windows 95 interface, and have to install drivers alone. And actually, why stop there, maybe bring us back to a stunning black screen interface with a little cursor flickering down and waiting for us to enter commands like Badus, or maybe we even get the wonderful ability of a pocket calculator, and we can see on the 4K screen the code itself with really good quality numbers High…

  10. Sounds like a planned rumor from Microsoft competitors
    There is no way Microsoft is going backwards, especially towards 7 windows without real touch interface support. A whole new direction, why not, expected from high-tech companies to innovate. But 7 windows, no situation.

  11. To 8
    There is a very large relationship between the writing speed and the type of file system, without digging much, when you write a file more information is written such as security, etc. And there is more information, more time. Cluster size and type of file system also vary greatly.
    On the same disk (or even virtual) you will install Linux and compare between two file systems and you will see a difference

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