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Ryzen's pressure works? The price of Intel processors is on the way down

Blue Camp Home Model Prices May Decline Thanks to New Red Rider Threats - And the Initial Hints That Can Be Seen Today Already

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The war between Intel and In the desktop market is set to become hot in the coming weeks with the launch of the third-generation Ryzen processors, which purport not only to close the coffee-related IPC family relative to performance Single - but also offering consumers much more cores at the same price level, all while Intel itself is unlikely to have a real technological answer in the stationary world at least until mid-next year. So what to do in such a situation? The chipmaker may not have too many choices left and is about to cut its price levels in order to maintain the required revenue volume.

The famous Taiwanese site Digitimes Declares Because (Nasdaq: 10) plans to reduce 15 per cent to XNUMX by the price of its desktop processors in the near future, and has even updated its partners in the motherboards and complex computers in order to fight the new generation without launching new products. , Although still based on the same architecture and the same process of production at 14 nm).

Octagonal processor Less than 1,500 shekels? This is definitely something you do not meet every day

It is not entirely clear whether this will be a formal discount from the various processors' recommended price levels, or is it a reduction in the market prices of the models, which in most cases are higher than the stated threshold due to limited availability - but in any case, this is an unusual development and a welcome for those who still prefer Blue Camp products, whether due to hardware compatibility considerations Specific applications or simply because of subjective preference.

Model i9-9900K has not yet received any noticeable price cuts, unfortunately

We do not know how to estimate how low will be able to fall prices of And we will probably find out only after the Ryzen 3000 processors are available in bulk in stores - but there seems to be a slight change in the segment already, with most of the mainstream mainstream models Available at a reduced price compared to the past.

The struggle against Is supposed to be very juicy and challenging, and it seems that Intel itself can not ignore this fact

The Core i9-9900 octagonal model (with support for HyperThreading technology) Offered at a base price of 400 dollars (497.25 dollars plus VAT and shipping, which are NIS 1,780) The Core i7-9700K octagonal model Available for purchase with a base of 365 USD (or 453.5 USD all-inclusive, which is ILS 1,620) The Core i7-9700 octagonal model Dropped to the price of 330 dollars (or 413.68 dollars including VAT and shipping, NIS 1,480), Model Core i5-9600K hexagon is popular Sold for $ 220 (or $ 267.45 inclusive of all, 960 NIS) Core i3-9100F The graphics-core quadrant Available at 90 dollars only, or 117.32 dollars including VAT and shipping to the country, NIS 420.) This has worked out well, and we will certainly keep our fingers crossed that these costs will continue to trend downward, making the user's choice more challenging and interesting.

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