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Ryzen 3000 and Ryzen 2000 processors at surprising prices

The new generation of Gets a slight discount on Amazon UK - and together with the low currency exchange rate, it is particularly short-lived

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The latest and greatest Ryzen third generation processors Are everywhere these days, with fairly competitive prices relative to existing home supply . But where is the most lucrative place where you can get them? We are here with one of the suggestions you must know.

The low British pound rate and a slight reduction of 20 pounds over the recommended official costs make Amazon UK a very lucrative place to buy the leading hexagonal and octagonal models of the red chip developer - assuming you have a subscription Prime Monthly (to which you can sign up for a free trial month at this link, if you have not done so before).

Model Ryzen 7 3700X The leading octagon cores are available for 309.14 pounds including VAT and home delivery - 1,315 NIS including body Wraith Prism, compared to prices starting at NIS 1,480 in our local market.

Additional details and purchase:

CPU Ryzen 7 3700X at the lowest price around

Amazon UK is now offering AMD's new 8 Senior Core model at a cost less than NIS XNUM available at stores in the country - to Amazon Prime subscribers who lower shipping costs.

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1,315 ש"ח

Model Ryzen 5 3600X With six physical cores and 12 logical cores sold for 229.4 all-inclusive pounds, which are NIS 980 compared to NIS 1,110 in Israel and also include a body Dedicated and worthy of the Wraith Spire sample.

Additional details and purchase:

The Ryzen 5 3600X processor is up to date at an excellent price

The AMD Hexagonal Fresh Hexagonal Model is offered at a discount of at least NIS 130 compared to the cheapest price currently available in Israel.

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980 ש"ח

Another great price model is the 7 The octagonal 2700 from the previous roll-out, which still offers an excellent cost-benefit ratio with a final price of 188.31 pounds in the UK - ie only NIS 805 in value, or a discount of over NIS 300 from the best prices available in our local market.

Additional details and purchase:

AMD core octagon processor at the lowest price to date

AMD's Ryzen 7 2700, along with Wraith Spire RGB cooling, is available at a particularly low price in British Amazon - almost 350 less than the lowest prices in the country.

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805 ש"ח

Laboratory- 5 The 2600 Hexagon is also sold at British Amazon in liquidation sale - 131.22 Pound includes VAT and shipping to the country, which translate into NIS 565 and constitute a real bargain price for such processing power.

Additional details and purchase:

The Ryzen 5 2600 hexagon processor at an additional price cut

Amazon UK offers surfers the popular Ryzen second-generation AMD processor at a price that is at least NIS 100 from the price levels available in Israel.

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565 ש"ח

Also the powerful hexagonal Ryzen 5 2600 processor, with 95 watt power supply instead of 65 watt in the standard Ryzen 5 2600 model, you can get a great price - 151.12 pounds in total, which means 655 weighs in value including the heat sink .

Additional details and purchase:

The Ryzen 5 2600X hexagon processor at a nice discount

AMD's senior (retired) six-core model is seeing another drop in its price on the way to eliminating inventory, and is now available at a discount of NIS 150 from the prices you'll find in most local stores.

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655 ש"ח

Feeling adventurous? You can purchase the 2920X Threadripper model with its 12 processing cores at the lowest price to date, 369.56 pounds including VAT and shipping - about NIS 1,575 which is a significant reduction even compared to the processor 9 The senior 3900X offered at a base price of 500 dollars.

Additional details and purchase:

AMD 12 Processor At Lowest Price

The Threadripper models clearance sales are continuing with its 2920X 12 physical cores and 24 logical cores - at the lowest 369.56 pounds we have seen to date for such a material monster.

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1,575 ש"ח

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  1. I will wait for black friday to upgrade my 7700k, there will probably be some nice processor + board mess in the divorce.

  2. Delivery time to 3700X ... "Usually ships within 2 months"
    And 3900X… "between a month and three months", wonder if that's really the case or mistake,
    I know there is a real queue for these models but exaggerate

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