SSD Drive at Unbeatable Price and More Surprises, Now in Amazon (Updated)

The impressive operations at Amazon are returning for another round - with a terabyte drive from the company Which can be yours for less than NIS 450

Volume price continues to fall and break positive records for us, consumers - and in the next few hours you have a chance to renew the drive And microSD expansion cards at prices we have not seen before. Do not miss these deals Will be available only until the morning of tomorrow (Tuesday, the 16 in April).

SanDisk's SSD Plus drive is one terabyte Sold with a wonderful base of 96 dollars - or 120.94 dollars including VAT and shipping, which is only about NIS 435.This is not the most advanced SATA drive, but it includes Perfectly balanced and reasonable, from a reputable brand with no competition in our local market.

Less than 45 agora per gigabyte of agile

SanDisk UltraSD microSD card with 256GB volume, With support for the A1 App Performance standard that makes it suitable for installing and running Directly, it is now available at its lowest price - $ 38.1 including home delivery, or 140 NIS, and the potential to become even more worthwhile if you choose to add any additional products to a basket at a total cost lower than 75 USD.

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Even more advanced microSD cards from the SanDisk Extreme Series, with A2 App Performance support, are available at very competitive prices - Volume 128GB For 29.09 USD (NIS 105) andVolume 400GB Impressive for 109.06 dollars.

Large in a small package - and now even at a more reasonable price than before

External SSD hard drive in one terabyte volume Sold at the price of 176.25 USD, or approximately NIS 630. Is significantly more expensive than the internal SSD of the same volume - but still very worthwhile for those who want to take large volume with a reliable and safe way. 2 portable SSD drive from Western Digital Available at a final price of 313.05 USD, or approximately NIS 1,120.

It pays almost as much as SATA internal 2 terabytes

Western Digital External Hard Drive by 8 It is offered at a minimum price of 166.55 USD, plus VAT and delivery to Israel - 595 only.

My Passport X XTM X Mini Drive Available at a lower price than the VAT exemption threshold - 71.48 USD, or 260 NIS.

SSD SSMNUMX, Western Digital's latest SSME SSD Offered for $ 223 (800) for one terabyte, With continuous transfer speeds of up to 3.5GBps.

WD Blue Blue Series Internal Drive, With a rotation speed of 5,400 RPM, sold at the price of 173.58 USD - 620 NIS.

G-Technology G-Drive external storage drives that are compatible with both Apple and Microsoft Windows operating systems are offered at the price of 245.28 (NIS) To inflate 8 terabytes - and 314.13 Dollars (NIS 1,125) To inflate 10 terabytes.

The best companies of the Mac

For convenience, SanDisk USB drives are generous in size and at a tiny price: 256GB Ultra Flair model Offered at the price of 40.94 USD, which are 145 shekels, andUltra Dual Drive with type-A and Type-C connections of 256GB Sold for $ 41.68, or approximately 150 shekels.