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Discounted SSD drives from a good home and more surprises, now in Amazon (updated)

Original article: models from Kingston, , Micron and others get cut prices that you should not miss

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Warm days are encouraged to stay indoors under the cool air conditioner and to the side of the computer - and perhaps also to take advantage of some of the nice deals that are almost always waiting in Amazon. Do you connect to the idea? We have compiled for you the suggestions that come from all of them in one place.

NVRON's Crucial P1 chip-based NVMI drive Available at the lowest price to a single terabyte - $ 108, or $ 134.88, including VAT and home delivery, ie 490.

The new and successful Blue SN500 Blu-ray drive Returned to its lowest price, 72.38 USD includes shipping to Israel to a volume of 500GB, or approximately NIS 265.

The USB drive The best in the market which is based on the arterial pair 3.0 only, instead of four

One of the most valued and famous SATA drives on the market, the Crucial MX500, gets the price of 67.43's curvilinear price including shipping to the 500GB volume, both In a traditional 2.5-inch configuration And they In a compact M.2 configuration - 245 shekels, while at the same time also The 250GB model Available at the price of 48.25 USD, or 180 shekels.

Six months after the deal was more surprising in the framework , The 500 MX drives are again available at a significant discount

Kingston's A400 drives are also sold at very impressive prices: 34.58 ($ 1) including shipping Inflate 240GB (It is recommended to combine orders with additional products for the distribution of shipping models between them), 57.58 USD (NIS 210) Inflate 480GB AND 124.52 USD (455 SHEKELS) For the top 960GB model.

SanDisk Extreme Card Series 256GB Extreme And with A2 App Performance support sold at the lowest price to date - $ 57.28 including shipping, which is 210. Perfect for those who want to upgrade their smartphone or tablet.

updating: Kingston A1000's NVMe home is available below the VAT threshold for 480GB - Final price of 81.88 dollars including delivery to Israel, which are 300 shekels.

The latest Western Digital Black SN750 drive, One of the fastest in the market Home-based home, gets a price cut for the base model of 250GB - a cost of 70.32, which is approximately NIS 255.

DDR3NUMX module of Patriot 4GB and 16MHz speed Nice fell to its lowest price - only 77.92 dollars (285 shekels) including shipping.

DDR4 with total volume of 16GB and base speed of 2,400MHz from Silicon Power notebook Also reached an unprecedentedly low price - 70.58 includes shipping, which is NIS 260.

16MHz single 2,400GB module in the CL15 timestamp and SO-DIMM configuration Compact is sold for 72.1 USD only - 265 NIS.

For dessert, Team Group's advanced DDR4 chipsets with a total volume of 16GB (8GB per module), 3,000MHz speed and CL16 timings Fell below the threshold of the VAT exemption - $ 81.73, including shipping, or NIS 300, which is definitely a wonderful time to purchase hardware.

The Team Team's great kit is available in a gray or red shade for its shell - no matter the price


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  1. Members You can also purchase 300 $ with no taxes and no shipping.
    If you define in the invitation that the items will be distributed among 3-4 people at the same address (father, mother, sister sister _ and most importantly, it is the same address), then each customer from the same address has an exemption up to 75 $ and all together is entitled to send at no cost!

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