Coming soon: Extra large volumes for known SSD drives (updated)

Drives From home And from home Are multiplied

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Do you have free money and demand as much storage space as possible on your system? Now you can invest it in the updated and sophisticated 970 EVO model , Or WD Blue in a SATA configuration that will finally inflate to an impressive maximum volume of 4 terabytes.

In several stores Online in Europe The 4 is a terabyte of the Blue 3D Of Western Digital, which is based on three-dimensional TLC memories from the company (which became a chip manufacturer In practice with the acquisition of SanDisk) and Marvell's 88SS1074 controller.

4 terabytes for the masses?

The drive offers continuous transmission speeds of up to 560 megabytes per second and random performance up to 95,000IOPS with small 4KB files, joining a very limited number of products for the home market that are larger than 2 terabytes - except the 860 family models (PRO / EVO / QVO) will find it hard to find other products in this category, and here the relative advantage of the product with a price tag that currently stands on 546 EUR including VAT, and significantly less than the corresponding TLC models In the same volume.

The 860 EVO model The volume of 4 terabytes will cost you about 810 dollars including VAT and shipping - which makes the price displayed for the drive of More likely suddenly

We still do not know when we'll see the This is also widely available in online stores like או , But we hope that this will happen soon - and that it will not be the only new 4 terabyte in the environment in the near future.

Another intriguing new model was observed Some stores Network A good drive is a powerful 970 PRO from , With the Phoenix controller developed by the Korean giant and its three-dimensional MLC chips - in the size of 2 terabytes in the familiar M.2 format, instead of the only 512GB or terabyte volumes available to date.

The 970 EVO model Was already available from the beginning of its way to the volume of 2 terabyte - when his more advanced brother had to make do with a more modest volume due to the relative storage density limitations of MLC chips compared to TLC chips

The 970 PRO is still a flagship for the performance of SSDs in the personal market, and therefore also maintains a very high price tag for 375 (not including VAT or shipping) per terabyte - but cash is no limit for them Now obtain the dual volume of the drive At a price which stands at not less than 8,888 Chinese Yuan, As 1,320 (!) USD. It is not at all certain that this will be the final and official price of the 2-terabyte model in question, and we certainly hope to make a slightly more formal, officially recommended upgrade - but at present the cost is on the net.

Price for the brave only - we hope that we will soon receive a broad international launch and a slightly more sane cost. Someone said 900 dollars?

updating: Quite bizarrely, Has decided to officially deny the existence of a 2 terabyte version for the 970 PRO at this stage, although there is , Prices and model numbers for it in several different and parallel sources on the network. Are they fraudulent, or is Samsung simply looking for a slightly later timing for its public announcement? We'll probably know more soon.