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Samsung's latest SSD drives at significant price declines

Want to drive Or an agile external drive from the largest manufacturer in the field? You should keep reading

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Black Friday promotions may not be right here yet - but a variety of other equal discounts are already out there, including on popular and very successful hardware products, and we want to make sure you don't miss them.

Amazon UK is offering the T5 mobile exterior for sale Which reaches 540 megabytes per second transfer rates in black and one terabyte at the lowest cost ever, 124.55 pounds includes VAT and shipping (note, subscription required Prime to enjoy the discounted shipping price) - ie NIS 560 only. The price of the same model here in the country? NISX or more.

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The well-known stability and reliability of - Even in a hard outer shell that can be taken in your pocket or bag anywhere

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Want to drive Advanced Samsung Internal? The company's 970 EVO Plus model in volume 250GB is available at its lowest ever price - $ 56.99 only without the need for shipping or VAT and other taxes, so the resulting price is about NIS 200 in total.

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Terabytes model The standard 970 EVO, not the updated Plus family but still very advanced and one of the best in the world All in all, enjoy a significant price cut to the base level of only 149.99 dollars - 181 dollars just including VAT and shipping, which are NIS 635 compared to NIS 930 and more in the country.

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The 500GB model of the 970 EVO is also available for purchase at no bad price - 109.48 dollars includes VAT and free shipping, which translates into NIS 385 value and is a discount of NIS 200 compared to the prices in various stores in Israel.

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Those who want to do it big can opt for the 2 terabyte model of the 970 Evo Plus at a final price of 478.48 dollars including all additional taxes - NIS 1,680 which is an insignificant amount for all opinions, yet constitute a discount of NIS 500 (! ) At least compared to the standard 970 EVO prices in the same volume on the local market.

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It's hard to argue with an average 4.8 rating out of 5 on Amazon based on hundreds and even thousands of users - for both the 970 EVO and the 970 EVO Plus

More drives High quality exterior for you! 500GB Rugged Model of From its Extreme brand (the old version, without speeding support 3.2 Gen.2) at a VAT-free price - British 68.67 pounds, which are worth NIS 310.

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drive External 512GB updated My Passport sample of company - The price of exactly 69 pounds includes shipping to Israel, which means NIS 310 as well, compared to more than NIS 1,000 (!) In the country.

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Found more great deals on SSDs? Let's tell everyone in the comments.


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