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Samsung Competitors: Toshiba Introduces SSD Drive on Single Microchip

The day we can get speeds and performance similar to those of drives On all our devices continues to approach

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Last year we saw Samsung introduce us to an amazing development - a drive Complete with a single microchip with BGA bracket, ready to be sold on all Which can populate it, including those of tablets and even smartphones. Although we still do not know about או Some small one that has been able to taste this new development capability officially, is now receiving a declaration that can guarantee that this matter will come soon, when you are a member Announces its new BG drives, which are equally competitive and equally interesting.

The new BG drives are characterized by an almost unbelievably tiny configuration of only 20 × 16 millimeters - this includes a dedicated M.2 connector, which essentially makes them drives Especially compact, that can be integrated into most of the existing computer platforms on the market today, and enable them to be further minimized and minimized.

The USB drive The tiniest there is in action inside Image source:

Tiny drives are based on Toshiba's self-propelled 128D flash technology, BiCS, in its latest generation and TLC configuration for three-bit storage in each semiconductor cell - giving tiny drives the ability to reach volumes of between 512GB and 1.2GB (!) The NVMe 3.0 and PCI-Express 2 × 2 bandwidth support, receive transfer speeds of up to 20 GB per second and definitely competitive performance. If that's not enough for you, Toshiba is already declaring that a new and even more compact generation of BiCS technology can give us BG drives with an entire terabyte volume - when you mention this is a product whose surface area is only XNUMX percent of that of a drive Standard in the M.2 standard.

The BG drive and its single chip, which can fit into the most compact products on the market
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Toshiba has been able to reach these tiny dimensions thanks to the use of one single chassis that includes both the Of the product and a number of different layers for the storage itself, so that this enclosure is soldered onto a printed circuit board with M.2 bracket - can be fought directly on the motherboard of any computer device, just as with , For volumes And unprecedented performance on tablets and smartphones. Stunning!

We look forward to real commercial applications
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All that's left now is to wonder when all this could happen in a practical and commercial way, and not just in a prototype - and we still don't have an answer to that at the moment, although the mere arrival of more competition to the field is very welcome from our point of view, and should speed up development And the applications in the field, so we have reason to keep cautious optimism. what do you think? Let's share in the comments.


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  1. It is time for each board to arrive if such a built-in drive, where the OS is burned. As with Apple.

  2. Just when there is new technology, the prices of the simple SSD have dropped enough to buy

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