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Revolution: Samsung is unveiling tiny UFS cards for storage expansion, with SSD drive performance

When we thought we had seen everything the UFS fix had to offer, it came And proves to us that we have been wrong with an application that threatens to turn the E- Excessive

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Somewhere during the year, with the launch of the smartphone, We realized that there was a new standard for storage on smartphones - UFS (Universal Flash Storage) or UFS 6 to be exact, which was a competitor to the familiar eMMC standard, with Significantly improved performance that helps to access the "cold" built-in storage space (ie not the dynamic memory) to feel faster and more effective.

Since then, we have seen the use of the standard UFS expands considerably - and today almost all Self-respecting and pretending to compete at the highest level boasts built-in device-based storage. Now comes the next step, with the discovery of the first products based on the standard - 1.0, and take the technology to the world of removable storage devices.

Samsung, which is launching a series of microSD card-like microSD cards, watches for the simple name of something UFS Card - but offers a simple, imaginative performance for a nail-sized product with promise of continuous read speeds of up to 530, , Continuous writing speeds of up to 170 megabytes per second, and random performance of up to 40,000IOPS in reading and 35,000IOPS in writing, which compete well with the performance of the (Which are characterized by large dimensions, of course).

uf1 uf3

Are also much faster - and also pretend to be twice as economical

Not all is so simple and pink, of course - similar to the power relations between the internal UFS 2.0 and the eMMC, here too the UFS Card 1.0 is a competing standard and completely different from the microSD card ready devices, The new and fast will require the support of the smart devices themselves, and it is certainly not simple in a market that aspires to maximum minimization and now will need to provide solutions to support both the old and familiar standard and a new standard that requires a new slot and separate. Because of the fact that Samsung is the first to raise the gauntlet in this case - there are already voices on the net that are convinced that the first device with UFS slot will be the - Note 7 will be displayed next month.


The cards will be offered in volumes between 32GB and 256GB at the beginning, and the hand seems to be on the way to even more massive volumes

It will certainly take quite a while, but in the long run it seems that the UFS cards will be able to revolutionize the world of ultra-mobile devices - with paper performance no less than the top built-in memory devices users will be able to purchase And tablets with volume Relatively modest, and keep for themselves the possibility to expand it in the future with a card , Which will not impair the performance level or create a bottleneck for the rest of the system components,.


All we see now is only a humble beginning - There is an intention to increase the bandwidth available for the 4 standard, Card by the end of the decade, on the way to becoming a solid foundation for the fifth generation of cellular communications that will demand and provide information at speeds and volumes we have not yet met

All we had to do was applaud another technological innovation, which seemed almost imaginary to a few years or even a few months ago.


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  1. interesting.
    האם באמת מחוייב המציאות לעשות צורה
    פיזית ששונה לכרטיס ה – UFS.
    כאילו מה בידיוק הפריע לסמסונג להישאר עם ליייאאוט
    של SD ?
    זה כמו לעשות למקלדת USB ולעכבר שני חיבורים שונים.

    1. בדיוק מה שאני חשבתי.. בשביל מה עוד כרטיס עם חיבור פיזי שונה? אפשר היה לעשות אותם formfactor של microsd פשוט להוסיף תמיכה למכשירים עתידיים לתפקד במהירות שהם מספקים.

    2. מדובר בתקן פיזי שונה לגמרי עם תשתית MIPI שונה וממשק חשמלי שונה.

      1. זה מסוג ה"הסברים" של אינטל שמחליפה סוקטים חדשות לבקרים.
        מה כבר חייב להיות שונה מ -SD ?
        מה, זה צורך 10 אמפר ?

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