Samsung challenges the limits of the volume of HWzone flash memory

Samsung challenges the limits of flash memory

The technology giant has announced a new type of memory Whose volume will exceed a number of meters The current flash
The main challenge in memory production In large capacity, the higher the density, the greater the chances of interference. Currently Samsung has been able to overcome this limitation and began mass production of The first of its kind called V-NAND, NAND Vertical if you like.
Instead of placing memory cells on a normal two-dimensional plane where cells are placed side by side, it developed A new production technology that builds the memories in a three-dimensional structure so that the cells are placed one over the other. The result is that a smaller area can provide a much larger amount of .
Memory Type VNAND Will allow to increase the volume of storage devices such as And tablets up to the size of 128 gigabytes to 1 terabytes. In fact, almost completely eliminates the need for the expansion slot.

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Samsung claims that the new technology Amina has developed is two times more, and twice as fast in writing data from today's technology. In addition,VNAND About 10 years of research and registered as 300 patents.

The new memories are expected to come out soon from the production line and say before the end of 2013 there will be drives Which will be based on this. The smartphones and tablets will probably come in the second quarter of 2014.

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